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    I am a teacher and have done B.Ed in Maths and Economics.
    I have also done my BA with History and Economics.
    Because of that I am facing problem in government jobs.
    So can you suggest some course that I should do to come out of this situation and apply for government jobs?
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  • You have got a basic qualification to be a high school teacher generally. I presume the confusion is to which subject you have to apply for. Which is your prime academic subject, which is your additional or optional subject in your basic degree? Is the additional qualification obtained by distance education or correspondence course etc? Which subject you are thorough and confident to handle? Apply for job related to the subject you are comfortable and thorough and the one which you have taken as prime subject in your basic degree and regular academic course.

    Having knowledge or studied different subjects will help you on practical grounds, as you can fit in to more than one subject teacher vacancies and absence. That will be an added advantage in private schools. The same may help you at the time of selection interview and scrutiny also as a preference point.

    From the question narration it looks you may chose Economics or History

    However for other general jobs where the eligibility is only a graduation you won't have any problem.

  • By seeing your qualification what I understand is you are suitable for a B.Ed assistant in school and can teach social studies to higher classes that is 8th to10th class. What I understand is getting a social assistant post is a little difficult because many will be there in the competition. What I suggest is join in a private school as teacher. Continue your study privately and do M.A English or M. A. mathematics. Once you pass one of these two courses in at least 2nd class you have plenty of chances to get maths assistant or English asst post in government schools and even chances are there for you to become a junior Lecturer in a junior college. I know many teachers who improved their qualification while in service and got selected for higher posts.

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  • There is no need to be depressed since you have done your graduation in both Mathematics and Economics and in fact, there are abundant scopes for advancement in both the subjects provided you make an attempt to acquire post - graduation in either of the two.
    Supposing that you have passed M.A. in Economics with first class - marks and have applied in a Government High School to continue teaching in Economics, you are surely to get a chance for teaching. Mathematics too would not be bad for higher studies since this too will open up your promotional - growth in teaching in higher classes in a Goverment school.
    Even there are plenty of scopes in both the subjects - Economics and Mathematics in central Government job where you may get the job of Research - assistant or in operation - management. You need to look into the advertisements published in Leading News paper and should act accordingly in order to grab a better oppurtunity.

  • I have read the question. You have talked about Government job. As you are a Graduate, you can apply for any type of Government job including Indian Civil Services, provided your age is within the upper age-limit prescribed for a particular position . There is absolutely no doubt about it.

    So far as teaching is concerned, I would advise you to go for Masters Degree in any of the subjects which you studied in Graduation and then apply for Government teaching job. I think you won't face any problem relating to eligibility.

    You are welcome to seek any further clarification.

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  • All you need is experience in teaching Mathematics or Economics. Interviewer don't look for what you learned but more comfortable what you recently taught and had experience.
    So good to get some experience first in favorite subject and then attempt for Government job. Doing MA would in favorite subject would be added advantage.

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