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    How to get rid of lizards?

    Are you facing a lizard menace? Looking out for home remedies? Check out this page for responses to your query.

    HI am on vacation to India for next two months. There are lots of lizards in our home in India. My mom tried every measure to put them out, but she is able to do it only temporarily. Anything she does, after a few days all lizards are back to our home again. Last year when I visited I searched on google and tried to put all lizards out, but nothing worked.

    Can you help me with home remedies to get rid of lizards without killing them? Can you share your remedies, which you have tried and it has worked before. I am having 2 and half-year-old kid and I am scared now to take him to India, as lizards roam around day and night.
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  • Lizards usually stay in a place where there is less clean home. First thing one need to do is clean as much as possible. Then second thing is find out if there are any specific bugs coming out at night. For example, house can be clean but bugs coming at night on some tube-light. Those places have the lizards too. And in such cases just directly using HIT spray for cockroaches works on lizards too. Though they won't be killed with HIT spray but once they get the smell they will run away. Another option is to use the broken egg shells. Showing those lizards make them fear about predators. So they avoid being in that part. But once they realize there is no such predator around they may come back. Despite all of this lizards do come back then you may have to contact pest control and have to kill them. The thing with nature is that sometimes you have to kill to get rid of things, there is no other way around.

  • The first and the important point is you should maintain your kitchen very tidy. Otherwise you can't get rid of these lizards. You can use any of the following methods to get rid of lizards.
    Make small small balls of a mixture of coffee powder and tobacco powder. Attach them to used match sticks or any other small small sticks and keep around the house. You keep more near almirah doors and the places where you find these lizards. They will not come near the house again.

    Garlic also is a very good remedy for this. You can keep the garlic pieces around the house or near the places where you find these lizards. They will run away.
    Thirs option is to cut onion into pieces and spread around to get rid of lizards.

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  • Thank you Mahesh and Dr. Srinivasa sir I will definitely try this solution of yours. Our house is always kept clean. But, they are found outside and they enter we open the windows.

  • What I have been told by the elders that if one keeps the Peacock feathers at the strategic points of the house, the Lizards would shy away and wont enter the room at all. Normally children would be frightened to see the lizard and the parents are most worried as Lizards can even enter any room in the house through their approach from roof ceiling. But what I feel that one or two lizards living in the home is good as they take care of insects and worms that are also taking the entry into the home for free. Even flies which gets more during rainy seasons are checked and prevented entry by lizards.

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  • As per your query I wish to say that lizard are harmless you need not get scared to take your son. To get rid of lizard from your home, the permanent solution is that you have to keep your house clean and tidy. Dispose of all the unwanted stuff at home. Don't ever dump old stuff at you terrace or in the slab. If the house is clean and tidy lizards will not be there because if stuff is there lizard come to eat small insects which are usually there in old stuff In my house there are no lizards. There are few tips which you can follow, But all of them are temporary.
    1) Put little toothpaste in a small cotton ball and keep very you find lizards more.
    2) Keep garlic pieces where you find lizards more.
    3) Apply little nilgiri oil in a cotton and place it where ever you find lizards more

  • I want to say that the first one is broken egg shell as told by Mr. Mahesh it will definitely work. I will suggest you two more method to keep lizards away:

    1. Prepare a solution (collide solution) of black pepper with water. And spray this solution to wall and other places from where you want to keep lizards away. I am surethis method will work.
    2. One more method is garlic. Place garlic at kitchen and you will see the magic of garlic. Due to garlic lizards will not come at kitchen.

    Hope this will help you.

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  • First what type of lizard are these? Please post photo if possible. Home lizard are small in size and most of time they stay inside because of light bugs they feed on. They don't die easily too and are fast. As such they are not attacking nature to humans but they are poisonous if touched.
    1.Before sleeping try to keep outside home light on and you will notice these lizard roaming around it. But it is temporary relief for night.
    2.You can buy lizard repellent, medicines from market and can use them to places where you seem them. These repellent are not guaranteed but will slow down their movements inside home.

    If these are garden lizards then you have problem. These king of lizard are natural predators and you should contact pest control people for making sure to clean them.

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  • Thank you everyone for your solutions. This time I will try all the methods which I got from this thread. At least one of the solutions will work.

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