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    Which tablet is best for kids to play?

    Do you want to know which tablet is best for the kids to play? Are you confused in selecting the best one? Our team of experts will definitely help you out with your query.

    I am planning to gift a tablet for one of my relatives kid. I am confused in selecting the best one. The kid is 5-6 years old. I am trying to find the best and cheapest one but not sure which one to pick. I understand the tablets from top brands will not be cheap so I am fine even some one suggest me other brands. Suggestion on any other tablet or device is also welcome.
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  • My personal opinion is it is not advisable to give tablet to a child of 5 -6 years old. It is too early, I feel. let them learn reading and writing first, the you can give him tablets and smart phones. Of course it is purely my personal opinion.

    Recently my cousin sister purchased a tablet costing about Rs. 5500/-. The name of the company is Iball. I think It is made in India brand. It is working alright.

    There are famous brands like samsung and apple. But they are costly.

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  • There are many tablets which are at the cheaper side and adequate for the children as there is no point in going for costly gadgets for them due to mishandling issues by these tiny tots.

    I will suggest you to visit reputed online sites like amazon, flipkart, ebay, snapdeal etc where many versions are available for kids at significant discounts. Some of the midels are alongwith their prices are as follows -
    Datawind Vidya tablet Rs 2000
    Micromax canvass Rs 4000
    Simtronics Xpad Rs 2300

    There are many more and you can choose as per your budget and requirement.

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  • Intex and Micromax has the tablets under 6000 range. You can also find the cheap tablets in the range of 3000 Rs or so by Zebronics and Datawind. But you should avoid them as they seem to have more issues with the products. In case of kids they are going to use it roughly so in such case buying the cheaper one is lot better option just make sure product reviews are good.

    Here are two tablets that are worth checking out.

    1. Iball DD-1GB 8 GB 7 inch with Wi-Fi+3G Priced at 4,899 Rs. at Flipkart.
    2. Intex iBuddy 7DD01 8 GB 7 inch with Wi-Fi+3G at 4,299 Rs at Flipkart.

    These two seem to be good and under 6K range. You can also get some chinese makes on Aliexpress but it may cost more on import duty with GST now.

  • There are some good companies tablets available below Rs 5000 in online stores. I think for kids we can select out of them.
    I have shortlisted some of such tablets as below -
    Lenovo tab 3 A710F - Rs 4999
    Dell venue 7 3740 - Rs 4999
    Micromax canvas P 290 - Rs 3999
    Samsung galaxy tab E 8.0 - Rs 4393
    Iball slide 7236 2Gi - Rs 3690

    All these companies are well established in market so there is no risk of going to a unknown company.

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  • You can buy the Tab PC other than SIM featured one. There are many average brand Tab available in the market with Rs 3000 around with capacitive touch-screen and better specification.

  • What I suggest , being elders and well wishers to the kids we should not go for such gifts which will spoil their life instead of improving. I am totally against giving tablet as gift for the 5 to 6 year old child. Instead you can gift him with puzzle solving materials which can be highly helpful to improve knowledge and awareness. There are some building blocks are also available which inculcates the Engineer attitude in the child as to how he constructs the structure, what kind of size of blocks he choose and the how the design would be. Such type of interesting things would be liked by children too.

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  • Are you sure to give a tablet as a gift to a 5-6 years kid?
    Whatever it is completely your decision. You can go for micromax tab. It is really good in a reasonable price. Iball tabs are also good.

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