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    Which foods to avoid and quick home remedies for burping

    Having a burping problem? Searching for home remedies and diet tips for avoiding burping? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses to your queries.

    Since last few days I am getting burps off and on. One day it was continuous and so decided to consult my Physician, who said it was not acidity but a slight stomach infection due to eating something raw. She advised curd rice and to avoid rotis, tea, coffee, milk and gave some tablets to curb the nausea also which had developed. Now the burping has reduced, but still one or two are erupting. Hence, would like some further advice on how to stop these annoying burps!

    Basically, would like to know:
    1. Which foods to avoid?
    2. Any quick home remedies for burping?

    Note: I do not drink aerated drinks at all, which I am aware can cause burping.
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  • Nowadays a tea powder called herbal tea powder is available. This herbal tea is very useful to stop these burps. These tea powder is available in medical shops or super markets. Initially purchase one packet of ot. Daily drink one or two cups of this tea, No need to add sugar or honey. Take one cup of water. Add 1/4th teaspoonful of tea powder and boil it in low flame for 2 or 3 minutes. No need to filter. Drink that. Your problem will get solved.
    Don't eat mirchi or very hot food. Avoid fast foods. Eat a little slowly. Try to avoid water during the course of eating. You will have good results.

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  • The best home remedy for stomach problem due to indigestion is ginger.

    Clean ginger pieces. Grind it with some water and filter and take the juice. In a small vessel, bring the ginger juice to boil and take out and allow to cool. Take 15 ml of that ginger juice, dilute it with boiled and cooled water of clean filter water to avoid burning feeling.Add a little sugar or salt to taste and drink it. Honey or jaggery can also be used instead of sugar, Keep the remaining juice in fridge or as it is.
    If you feel that you get relief, take another 15 ml after taking food. If needed repeat same one more time after next time food.

    Another alternative is:
    Take a spoonful of Jeera (cumin) and a spoonful of ajwain(carom seeds). Dry roast them till the aroma comes and the ingredients start turning black. Pour 50 ml of water and let it boil for two minutes. Take out, coll to comfortable warmth. Filter and drink the liquid adding sugar or honey if needed. It can be repeated after a couple of hours if needed.

  • A little caution from your end will normalise the situation. You may do the following home remedies in order to get rid of the trouble you are facing currently.
    1) In case you are suffering from bacteria - infection resulting in stomach - disorder, you may chew four to five Tulasi leaves after you meals but take care that the leaves are freshly plucked and thoroughly washed in order to eliminate the foreign materials with which leaves are laden. The Eugenol found in this herb would take care of the infection and you would come round within two to three days.
    2) Even lemon works wonder in stomach - infection. Lemon contains Citric - acid, Vitamin - C and other valuable minerals such as Magnesium, Vitamin - B and antioxidants and hence consumption of Lemon - water two to three times would yield positive result.
    3) Continue taking Curd along with your meals and this would act as probiotics and as a result of this bad Bacterias would be killed and your stomach would be free from infection.
    4) Use boiled - water so long you are suffering from stomach - ailment.
    5) Avoid spicy foods. You may take a piece of Ginger 15 minutes prior to meal in order to avoid the excess acidity of the stomach.

  • There are many home remedies for controlling the burping. From my own experience I found the following quite effective -
    1. Gulping 1/4 tea spoon of raw carom seeds with water immediately controls burping.
    2. Chewing roasted fennel seeds after meals gives relief and burping is considerably reduced.

    For some duration if boiled food with curd is taken it helps in reducing the gas formation in stomach which helps in reducing burping. One thing which is also advisable is do not take lot of water during meals. At least wait for 15 minutes for it. During meals manage with little sips.

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  • Burping is normal nothing to worry about. But as persistent burping indicates underlying digestive disorder. There is an effective way to avoid burping you can use home remedies such as Ginger, Peeper, Mint, Fennel , Cardamom etc.
    1. Ginger : This will prevent from excessive gas & burping.
    -Take a bowl Put ginger in hot water (use 1 tbsp)
    - Cover it for 10 minutes
    - Strain the water
    - Add some honey with lemon juice.

    2. Peppermint: This mainly helps to relax the digestive tract, which reduce the gas formation in stomach.
    - Put 1 tbsp dries peppermint into the hot water.
    - Keep 10 minutes aside, after that strains it.
    - Drink this 2 to 3 times in a day.

    3. Cardamom & Fennel : This increase the digestive juice in stomach and this also reduce the gas production.

    - Boil 1 cup water
    - Add 1 tbsp crushed cardamom (or ) Fennel.
    - Put into simmer for 5-10 minutes.
    - Strains it and add some honey and drink it after eating a meal.

    4. Chamomile: This will remove the abdominal gas from the stomach.
    - Put 1 chamomile teabag in a cup and pour hot water over it.
    - Keep 10 minutes aside after that remove teabag and drink.

  • Burping is the releasing of gas in the digestive pipes through the mouth and its natural for your health. After burping, avoid in gas of stomach to away from the mouth pipe. To any discomfort of gas to stomach is booming of unhealthy to motion problem and nausea. The gas is made in the small intestines and stomach when the foods digest down and get back the energy. You can uncomfortable of stomach to nausea and motion problem. If anyone burps twice or thrice after a meal and it is quite normal and this is caused due to swallow air. Other reasons of burping can be ulcers, and Duodenum ulcer is always danger in the stomach.

    Causes of Burping

    1. In Swallow air to be excess in your mouth and also tends to burping
    2. Avoid Beverages, coke, 7up and sprite also in Gas items and burping more to gas
    3. Medicines if not properly to gas form in stomach and diarrhea
    4. In ladies, a menstrual cycle days to stomach pain for gas in drink hot drinks to avoid can cause bloating
    5. Indigestion to cause of burping
    6. Alcohol Consumption to causes of burping
    7. Spicy foods, heavy foods could be cause of burping
    8. Medicines like aspirin, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs

    Home remedies to cure burping

    1. One lemon to take and juice to it and add some salt mixes it well and drinks this mixture before your meals.
    2. Crush mint leaves in bowl to add a glass of water and mix well to take up for two weeks daily.
    3. Take one tablespoon of curd and kadukkai powder to mix it and drink before food drink every day.
    4. To take a mix of brandy 2 tablespoon with warm water and drink for instant relief.
    5. Chew some Cardamom and this will reduce belching.
    6. Eat fruits like watermelon, apple and banana to drink hot water to cure burping

    Must Avoid this

    1. Straightly sitting to take food and while eating
    2. In your mouth to grinding a food of small quantities to eat food
    3. Avoid chew gums
    4. Avoid Chocolate to more
    5. Avoid more to eat in onion
    6. Avoid carbonated drinks to gas heavily
    7. Stress level in your body to reduce
    8. Salty and spicy food to be avoided.
    9. Avoid alcohol in before and after food to ulcer and burping.
    10. Must avoid exercises after a meal

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