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    Need career guidance after diploma in civil engineering

    Looking out for career related advice in the civil engineering stream? Interested in knowing where to start? Here, on this page you can check out the responses to your query.

    I have completed my diploma in civil engineering
    and have now applied for AMIE civil course which is off campus. I want to start my working career in this field along with AMIE studies. I don't know from where to start.
    I am also certified in 3D building design in AUTOOCAD 2D/3D and BIM software Revit Architecture.
    Need advice from experts in civil engineering field.
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  • You have started in the right path. The construction sector is going to get boost and civil engineering. There are ample opportunities in the field for people qualified like you. You may join with some established concern of architects, designers and builders for a start and practical experience. You can pursue the AMIE even with the job. Simultaneously apply for jobs in established larger concerns and government departments if you so desire.

    The job which you engage will give you the needed direction as to what to learn more and what skill to achieve for further prospects. You can even join some start ups by those qualified and experienced with modern developments in the civil field , and rise with the business concern.
    There are firms of chartered engineers, consultants , surveyors etc. which also can offer opportunities.

  • Your profile looks very promising. AMIE is a very right step you have taken.
    Nowadays lot of new construction with different designs are coming up. Desigining of structure elevation designs, multistoried building designs are the fashion and need of the day.
    There are many architect companies are there. You can try joining as an employee there and work with that for some time. You will get a grip over the market needs and areas. Then you can have your own set up.

    always confident

  • For Education you are doing right. It is advisable to do full time engineering but circumstances do not favor everyone. Here is what you can do.
    1. Attempt Civil service examination and try to get job in Public Works Department , Irrigation Department. This is best for getting settle down.
    2. Do job in private 3D printing / architecture companies. Usually they offer average salary but you will survive with it. Also you can take private clients also if you are confident on your 3D designing.
    3. Work as assistant to well established private engineer or private construction company. Will give you learning curve , experience and later you can start working private clients.
    4. Would be beneficial if you do Post graduation and attempt UPSC to go in administration (IAS) job.

    All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

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