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    How to register a computer centre as per State Government and Government of India policies

    Planning to start a computer centre in your locality in a city in Uttar Pradesh? Get expert guidance on the application process to register such a centre as per the State & Central Govt. policies and the requisite documents you would need for it.

    I have done MCA in 2010. I have 3 year plus experience in the field of Computers. I want to open a new computer centre in Uttar Pradesh. Please tell me how to do so, both in terms of the State Government policies and that of the Government of India. What are the required documents? What is the specific process to register a computer center?
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    When it comes to opening brick and mortar shops you have to follow some compliance and go through the specific requirement. Here are some of them in short.

    1. Make sure your location is in the place where there is a demand for the computer education or services.
    2. Make sure your office meets the guidelines for the education center. For example you need one lab and one lecture room. Also you'd need one corridor and office room for the center.
    3. You need atleast 1 teacher for such center.
    4. You need to have provision for fire and safety.
    5. You need furniture and the specific setup for your education center.
    6. Your computer center needs to be registered as LLP or PVT LTD.
    7. You need to buy computer hardware and software for the computer center.
    8. You need to register the center with shop act with the municipal corporation in your area. The rules may differ based on city or urban area as each one of them have different compliance.

    These are some of the common steps that you may have to go when you're either opening the tutor center or the software development center.

  • Your proposed computer center comes under the category of commercial establishment. For such entities every state has a legislation and rules and regulations.

    Generally these rules are covered under S & E act of labour ministry. You have to check this from your local municipality whether you have to register with them or other state department dealing with this matter.

    Generally the registration authority will provide a format for some specific information like who is the proprietor, how many persons will be employed there, what will be their duty hours, what will be the nature of commercial establishment. Every commercial establishment is to be registered in time and within 20 days of its start of functioning.

    If any clearances are required by fire and safety department that aspect is also to be looked out. However that is generally required from big hotels, trade centers, multi storied buildings etc.

    Another thing is after commencement of business you are supposed to register with tax authorities so that you can deposit the taxes when due as well as claim tax refunds etc if any.

    There are some general consultancies which help new people in these areas for all these statutory works and you can find out one in your area.

    Knowledge is power.

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