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    Need suggestions regarding my career

    Searching a career different from a BPO job? Confused about what to do in the future? Here, read suggestions and advice from experts pertaining to your query.

    I have complete B. Com in 2008 and was placed in a BPO company in Bangalore. I got the job by campus placement. Then I resigned and searched for other job but I couldn't find any. Then I got a job in BPO company again(non voice) 5 years. I really don't like the night shift job and I feel that there is no growth in the BPO field.
    I don't know how to choose my career. I don't know how to analyze which field suits me. I don't like accounting field.
    Somebody told me about MSW course. I was confused and have no idea. Can you provide guidance?
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  • Dear Member,
    I am not sure if you are still working in your second company. If yes, then try doing below things which can change your job style/skills.
    1. Talk to your Manager or Lead to identify a position which does not have any shift work. You can always reach out to them if you have issue with shift work, some managers do listen to this and give you an alternate project which suits you.
    2. After getting into a project which does not have shift work, work there for at least 6 months. Attend some internal technical training. Do some certifications related to your work which will help you in future.
    3. Once you are done with the above things, try to search a job outside. You have multiple skills to show in your resume now. You current experience, training, certifications, etc., can be highlighted in your resume. Alongside, you can ask your manager or lead to look for a project where you can learn something. Give them some time to identify a suitable project for you. Most of the times I see people don't give time to their managers to identify things for them. Definitely opportunities do exist but it needs some time to be identified.

    If you have already quit your second company and looking for opportunities now, then I would suggest you to do additional certification which is closely related to your previous work. In the mean time look for BPO jobs which do not have any shifts. You have considerable amount of experience so you can look for a senior level designations. Some BPO projects will not have shifts for manager or leads.

    And for your question on MSW, it is completely out of the experience you have got so far. You will be starting your career newly. So, do think twice before changing your career or anything you decide. Master of social works is a good course. People who have completed this course and have done a good project are working with a decent salary in Health and public sectors. Whatever suggestions I have given above is for your reference. You have to think and decide what fits best to you based on your situations.


  • First conserve the existing job, and ascertain the career prospects in that organisation. In case you really cannot adjust to night shifts discuss with your boss if there is any chance to change shifts and assignments without much loss of compensation. A least try for a rotating schedule to avoid continuous night shift for a long time. In case that is possible, do well in that assignment ad get chances of elevation. Ascertain what can get you elevation in the organisation.

    Simultaneously enrol in some (part time or correspondence) course which can enhance your chance of getting higher posts in the same organisation. In case there is not much chance of career enhancement prospects in the current employment, enrol in a courses that will add skill and qualification in the field of study you had done or job you had done.
    At this stage it will be experience and exposure that will count more than the qualifications. Hence hunt for jobs in some other BPOs where night shift is not compulsory.

    However you apply for some other employment suited for any general graduates or commercial graduates. Age is a factor and in case your current age is in the eligible age range then apply for bank jobs, general clerical cadre jobs in government services, in good established private organisations etc.

    You may also consult your family and dependants if any before taking any crucial decision.

  • Some times same kind of work would develop a disliking and feel like resigning from the life for the while and interest to work dwindles. Same is happening to you. It seems you are not finding the jobs suitable for your study and your mind seeking different placements but the qualification what you have done can bring only BPO jobs for which you are not interested. What I suggest that take any self marketing products and try to improve on it by creating a on line portal for that and improve upon its development. Surely such activity would be interesting and fetching too and you need not worry about the night duty and spoiling the sleep.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • My suggestions are as follows
    1. I am giving this suggestions thinking that you are continuing in the present job. Many Universities are offering correspondence course for post graduation in commerce. Once you complete that you can go for teaching job Here age is not a limitation.
    2. If you have disconnected the job already, immediately you can do your B.Ed in correspondence course . It is a one year course. Once you complete that you will have many teaching jobs.
    3.If you go for MSW , it is a 2 year course Chances of getting a government job is very less.
    4. Certification courses also a good proposal. But your experience in BPO may not be that much useful. So you keep this as a option but less priority.
    5. If you have any interest in starting your own business, you can start services activity like man power supply to government Organisations by registering a company. Many Government Organisations are outsourcing manpower supply with contracts
    6. Finally digital marketing is another option

    All the best

    always confident

  • Thank you all for the suggestion.

  • Hii All,

    Actually I am not working, it's been 6 month I resigned from the job.

  • Many good suggestions has been made above by the members and you have to choose what best fits to your situation.

    I have to add certain things in this regard.
    First of all as your basic qualification is commerce graduation you can think of joining some chartered or financial or business organization where you can learn as well as make your career. Initially they will not offer you much but once you gain experience, you will be in a comfortable zone. If you are out of touch with commerce and economics or financial subjects then you can think of completing a short course on these areas from some private coaching or training center.

    Please remember now a days it is very common to do one job and prepare for another. So my advice is whatever job you get do not leave it rather use it as a platform to jump to other opportunities. Even your experience at BPO can help you at various organizations.

    If based on your BPO experience some BPO company gives you a day job then accept it even if it is not much renumerative.

    One thing which is very crucial in today's business and industrial world is that you have to continuously increase your learning through private courses as self study during job is sometimes goes to the back seat.

    Be prepared to work hard and increase your knowledge as how various procedures work in business houses and what works are required from an employee and what procedure he has to learn to excel in his job. If you get the core of this message rest can be materialised with hard work and sincerety.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I have few friends went through same situations. Here is what I would recommend.
    1. Since you are already resigned and sitting home. Better to do some Hardware / Software course which gives IT jobs as desktop support technician.
    2. You have non technical background but still if you want you can do testing courses and certification to get better job opportunities. Research about demanding testing tools and do coaching. E.g. Load runner
    3. Do your post graduation . MBA would be advisable since you have BCOM background. Crack entrance and get good college. My one friend did this and he is now in IT firm with manager level earning well.
    4. Try State level public service commission exams. If you are good who knows you will get good post in government job.

    All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

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