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    Should I do BSc+MSc (Physics) or BTech (Computer Science) in India?

    Confused between taking up a career in Physics and Computers? Looking out for advice? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I am passionate about Physics and am good in it. I am also good with computers and programming (I have practised java a lot).

    What should I choose if I want a well paying job? I want to know the job scope in Physics with and without PhD as compared to BTech CS? Do you think is PhD worth the time spent ?

    P.S - I will only be getting a reputed private college and not a reputed government institute like IIT or even a tier 2 type Institute.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.
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  • If you are interested in physics, my sincere suggestion to you is join in a good degree college or integrated M.Sc course in BITS.
    There are plenty of chances for getting a good job. There are many CSIR laboratories where M.Sc Physics candidates will be absorbed. While you work for your Ph.D you will get good amount of Fellowship. Another way is complete M.Sc ,join job in government laboratories . There while working you can do your Ph.D also.
    If you opt for Elections specialization in Physics, you will have more opportunities than B. Tech.

    Because of your interest in physics definitely you will excel in the subject. NPL,ETDC ECIL DRDO, CIPET are to name a few where Physics students have good scope. Of course teaching jobs are plenty if you are interested.
    BEL BEML BDL are in defence sector and absorb good Physicist.
    So my final word is go for Physics.

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  • Both the degrees have the demand. And you can get into either one of the streams considering you're interested in both. With the BSc Physics, you'd be going more into applied physics based jobs. Mostly in govt and the private sector. In case of the Btech computer science, there is more scope into the MNC companies. And you can have both financial and career wise growth. If we do the financial comparison then the Btech Computer science has more financial growth than Bsc Physics. Both are challenging, but the MNC job is more of a routine than actual field specific challenges.

    If you choose to pursue the physics specific career then you can go with the ISRO and IISC exams. You can then pursue therapeutically physics and cosmology. There are plenty of other research options too. Indian govt has some really good positions for the newcomers every year. I think if you see yourself in that option, it's worth going forward to.

  • Hi,
    Physics and Computer Science are 2 completely different fields. Both have different prospects for future.
    If you have positive attitude towards research based career, You should definitely go for Physics. This has many government funded projects in line with excellent stipends. Apart from Research, another reputed and good paying option is Teaching. But this option again demands interest. You cannot justify your job as a teacher if you do not have interest in teaching. It has other options in firms but they mostly prefer PhD holders for high designations.
    If you want to have a good paying job like every another candidate doing in current scenario, you can join Computer science. As you have mentioned that you have interest in Java, you can get good job afterwards. This field demands freshers with full dedication, so its is good if your want to earn soon.
    The final decision should be yours only.


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  • Since both the the courses Physics and B. Tech would demand a lot of time and passion to excel well in the chosen field, you have to analyse your own interest before the perusal of either of the two.
    Assuming that you have a flair for Physics, you need to choose a right institution where you get constant stimulation from your teachers and the environment should be conducive to sustain your studies. A high quality education in this area would be possible by choosing BITS Pilani or by taking Engineering Physics - a five year integrated course leading to a M.Sc degree in Physics. Later a doctorate degree in the same line can be achieved under the expert guidance of the eminent professors. Later, you can make your research career in ISC Bengaluru, Atomic Energy Commision Mumbai, ISRO etc. In all these organisations, you would get stimulating atmosphere to forge ahead in the research area with much enthusiasm. Salary- package, too, would be attractive. You may also join teaching profession, if you so like.
    Now talking to the Comuter - field, if you have the drive and urge to learn different modules like Java, Oracle, C++ etc, this area seems to be the right field. However, you have to be innovative and result - oriented in delivering the tasks alloted to you especially in this time when we are witnessing a recessionary trend in the IT field. Lastly, you must be a product of B.Tech from a leading institution such as IIT where there is no compromise in quality in the different modules.
    Hope, you would appreciate the points listed above.

  • If you looking for well paying job then B.Tech. In computer science is way to go. And if you have exceptional skills or develop then like mobile app design and development then you will be entrepreneur. Make sure good choice of college as very few college provide placement and there are lot of students already unemployed.

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  • Hi,
    First I will want to say you that the two are completely different field. MSc. in Physics is general field and if you do BTech in computer science is a technical field. So, first decide that in which field you want to contribute. If you like Phycics then go it for now. If you have good marks in your 10+2 level then you can easily get admission in BSc. in any good institution.
    If you do MSC. in Physics you can go for teaching jobs if you like teaching job as a career. Otherwise you can get a job in reputed laboratories also. Otherwise you can apply for junior fellowship programmes also, where you can get well stipend.
    If you are interested in Computer Science then you can do BTech in relevant field. After completion of BTech. Degree you can get job in reputed MNC's against high pay package. If you want to do MTech you can also do it then for a better prospect or for a good teaching job. So, first decide in what field you are really interested to and chose among the two.

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