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    How does an electronic weighing machine works?

    Want to know how the electronic weighing machine works? Looking out for details on the web? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am thinking of buying a handheld weighing machine because every time I go for grocery shopping, I think I am being cheated. I think the grocers are tweaking their digital weighing machines as I am suspecting of getting lesser quantity than what is intended. Is there any possibility of tweaking an electronic weighing machine? How does a digital weighing machine work? Please elaborate on electronic weighing machine working principle.
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  • There are two types of electronic balances
    1.Electromagnetic balance type.
    2. Electrical Resistance wire type.
    These both varieties work on measuring the force that is coming on the pan of the balance when a weight or Object is placed on the Pan. The force is converted to electrical signal and displayed on digital mode.
    The electromagnetic balance make use of the electromagnetic force that is generated by a magnet and coil in the equipment when an object is placed on the Pan. The other type will be making use of the change in the value of the resistance of the strain gauge attached to the pan inside the balance.
    These values will be converted by the system to weights and display on the digital bar.

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  • Generally the electronic weighing machine has a stain gauge sensor placed just below the pan or tray and attached to it.

    As soon as we put a weight on the pan it pushes the pan downwards and the stain gauge below it produces an electrical signal which is send to an electronic circuit to convert it to digital form. The stain gauge produces a signal linearly proportional to weight on the pan and same is reflected on the digital display. There are some adjustments on the front panel like zero adjust etc to caliberate for small trays for holding items.

    For more accuracy quartz gauge is used but for our day to day purposes stain gauge is sufficient.

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