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    How to view my google chrome browser saved password?

    Have a query about google chrome browser? Looking out for method to view saved password? check out this page for responses from experts.

    In Windows 7, I use google chrome. While using banking website , my userid & password is saved in the browser by default. Now I forgot my password and by default it is coming. Now i want to view that password which were saved in the google chrome browser. What is the step by step process to view my saved password in chrome browser?
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  • The step by step process to get save password in chrome browser is :

    • Click on the write side of the menu bar.
    • click on setting option. A new tab will be opened.
    • Click on show advance setting
    • In privacy tab, you will find saved password
    • Click saved passwords
    • A new tab will be opened and you will see all the sites for which passwords have been saved
    • Select the site for which you want to know the password
    • A new option will be appeared like show password
    • Click at show password and you will be able to get password back.

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  • Here are some of the steps that you can follow to view the saved password.

    1. Click on the settings dot icon on the right hand side.
    2. On Settings page you'd find passwords and forms options.
    3. Find the manage password link over there.
    4. You can then find the list of passwords and sites associated.
    5. By default passwords are marked with asterisk. You can make it show and then you can get the password.

    Note that only the password that you have asked chrome to show will be available. Other passwords won;t be available here.

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