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    What to prefer between Bank PO or SSC

    Confused between opting a career in Bank PO or SSC? Wanting to solve our confusion? Check out this page and resolve your doubts and take your career decision.

    I have given my 2nd year exam in BCom(H) from SOL and now I only have 1 year for study. Thereafter I have to opt for any job because of poor financial condition. I am confused I have no interest in accountancy as my 12 class was Science stream and now I am confused what to do? All I have heard is that I have 2 options:Bank PO or SSC.
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  • Without worrying please focus on your studies and assignments and come with good grades. That is the priority.
    However if you are in urgent need of a job, please be on the lookout for job announcements where the eligible qualification is graduation and those who are in their last year/semester are also allowed to apply. Apply and attempt those tests and interview the final section will take place at a time after your final semester/ final year qualifying exam is over. Even if you are no able to apply, at least you will become familiar with the eligibility, and other terms and conditions, remuneration etc of such jobs, which can help you to decide on a suitable job immediately after passing graduation.

    Banking and SSC are both good opportunities for a graduate. However you should prepare seriously with right focus. There will be good competition and the best of the lot gets selected. Hence apply and attempt both.If possible join a suitable coaching centre also.

    You may read articles in ISC Articles section regarding Bank PO jobs, Bank clerk jobs etc. to have an early idea on this regard.
    There are many other job opportunities also for a B.Com graduate.

  • After completing B.Com. there are chances to get a job in public sector as well as private sector. My advise to you is all jobs are good. Aim for all. Whatever you get will be nice. You apply for Bank Jobs as well as SSC also. Focus on preparing well for the written test. As on the date your first priority is to complete your B.Com. Then getting in to a job.
    Many advertisements are coming for various job. Go on applying for jobs where they will give an option for final year students also. It will be an experience for you. Once you start from now by the time you complete your graduation you may get a job also.
    There are many private companies offering posts to B>Com graduates. You can try them also.

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  • I have read the question very carefully. Basically you are asking about Government jobs. My suggestions are:-
    (a) There are various categories of Government jobs, viz., Central Government jobs, State Government jobs and Corporation/Minicipality/Panchayat jobs.
    (b) Bank P.O./Clerical and examinations conducted by Staff Selection Commission are two different types of Govt. jobs. Staff Selection Commission appoints employees for clerical and mid-level posts in various Central Govt. offices.
    (c) In Central Government, Railway Recruitment Boards are the biggest employers on behalf of Central Government.
    (d) In addition, you can apply for State Government jobs. As you are from Delhi, you are also eligible for Delhi Govt. jobs.

    I suggest that during the next one year, you get yourself acquainted with various types of Government jobs, pinpoint your preferred organisation (Bank/Central Govt (SSC)/Railway(RRB)/Delhi Govt.), do some research on the pattern of question papers (please remember the patter of questions are different although all are MCQ-type examinations), and prepare accordingly.

    For your information, you can even apply now, for various competitive examinations for which non-Graduates are eligible. But remember proper preparation before the competitive examination is essential for success.

    For further clarifications, you can ask specific questions.

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  • Your position is very much typical. I tell you why I said so. You are graduating in Commerce (Accountancy) and you were in science background at +2 level whereas you are in dilemma of Bank PO or SSC which requires mainly mathematics background. However, since you have approached ISC, you will have many tips and you are at liberty to choose the best one you think out of many.

    For both the competitive examinations, one should have the best skills in the subjects of mathematics and reasoning apart from GK, aptitude and general English. If you have command over Maths and English, half of the job in your pocket and rest half is others for any kind of competitive examinations. Since you are so particular about bank PO or SSC, with my experience I tell the advantages and disadvantages in the both jobs.

    If you are selected through SSC, you would get right from clerical job to middle level jobs i.e. Group.B posts. But once selected through SSC and posted in a isolated departments, there will be no chance for career improvement and you have to be in the same post for years together. I don't say this applies to all the posts selected through SSC. But there is one kind of advantage that though the central govt. post is liable to be transferred to any where in India, upto the level of officers, there won't be transfers in place of posting.

    If you are concentrated and selected for Bank POs, that will be a direct entry into the officers category at the initial stage of service and in the banks particularly time bound promotions and time bound pay revisions are in existence. I can say the career advancement would be at a rapid speed. However, the work load and pressure is very much high as I learnt and all the advantages you would get with regard to career advancement, would be yours once you are ready to take the pressure and workload.

    Finally I would say, just prepare for all the competitive examinations with full of your strength and a wonderful job would be yours.

  • Both Bank PO and SSC have good job profile. Please note that Bank PO is a post name in banking sector while SSC is an organization which conducts exams and select candidates for working in different governmental departments.
    Now, you are going to be a graduate by next year and looking for a career in these two.
    Well, let me tell you that for the post of Bank PO, graduation is must but in SSC you can even apply for group C post which require a minimum matriculate qualification. SSC also organizes CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) examination for selection of candidates for clerk posts. The minimum qualification for CHSL is 12th from any recognized board. SSC organizes one more exam that is SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level). To appear in CGL examination you should be graduate. The posts offered in this exam are generally officer or inspector rank with a very good grade pay.
    Now , it all depend on you, what do you want to choose. First analyze your strength and weakness. If your good at English and Analytical Aptitude then you can go for Bank PO. And if you are good at mathematics till 10th level then SSC is for you. You can apply for SSC CHSL exam first and the application for the same is likely to be invited by November this year. I had also appeared in this exam last year as I am also undergraduate right now. If you have good command over basics of Maths and English then you can easily crack it.
    Since, your financial condition is not so good, so your first priority should be get settled with a good job. CHSL is a good option for you. You can save at least one precious year of your life. Later on you can go for Bank Po or CGL on your preference.

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