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    Which hotels and restaurants are famous in the Hyderabad?

    Interested in staying in Hyderabad? Searching for details of hotels and restaurants in this place? Find suggestions on this page.

    Which hotels are famous in the Hyderabad? Can you give me some information about the hotels in Hyderabad.
    1.Which hotel is good in Hyderabad?
    2.What are the prices of the hotel? details.
    3.where it is located in city or outside the city? Please give me some detailed information.
    4.There can we pay with the paytm account or not?
    Give me some detailed information regarding the above questions.
    Give some detailed information about the hotels too.
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  • Hyderabad is a very big city. You have all types of hotels starting from normal accommodations to 7 star hotels are available. Total length and breadth of Hyderabad will be about 40 to 50 KMs. In addition to that there are many suburbs. Unless otherwise if you specify in which part of Hyderabad you want to stay to give a precise answer is very difficult.
    The daily charges of a single occupancy room with AC in a reasonable hotel will be minimum around Rs. 2000/- a day. This will go up as you opt for better hotels. There are hotels costing around Rs.3000/- per day. The Minerva Grand in Secunderabad will be a good place to stay. It may cost you about Rs.4000/- per day. In Habsiguda there are many hotels Srikrishna residency and SWagath Grand where the tariff will be about Rs.2500/- a day. Basera Hotel in Secunderabad will be about Rs.5000/- a day. Taj tristar and Belson Taj in Secunderabad may cost you about 4000/- rupees per day. Opposite to railway station Nampally and Secunderabad there are some cheap hotels. Names I don't remember but they charge around Rs.1000/- a day. There are some hotels in Barkatpura and near Hyderabad main bus station with a tariff of about Rs.1500/- to Rs.3000/- per day
    All the hotels mentioned above have restaurants also. They all accept credit cards, debit cards and paytm.

    This is not a full list. If you specify the area in which you want to stay I can give you more details.

    always confident

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