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    Query about civil engineering internships/workshops/training

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    I am student of AMIE having completed diploma in civil engineering. Now I want to join any civil engineering internships/workshops/training etc for enhancing the knowledge before going for job along with my AMIE studies. I live in Karnataka state.
    Would like to get suggestions from civil engineers or experts in the field.
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  • You can do certification course in CAD. It will be useful for you in getting a job in civil design and planning.
    You can do certification course in horticulture which will give you some insights about horticulture planning and landscaping
    Another option is join under an architecturing Engineer who is having experience in the field for internship and it will give you good exposure to designing of buildings, elevations to the buildings etc. That will be helpful to you to get a job in that line.
    If you have time you can join as a apprentice in any civil construction company which gives to you much idea of construction field and the procedures and methodologies there.
    These are various options you have now. You can opt for any one which is of your interest.

    always confident

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