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    Can the scratches of a spectacle lense be removed

    Wondering how to remove scratches from spectacles? Looking out for a solution on the web? find responses from experts on this page.

    I am spectacle wearing person since 1976 and recently I got prescribed by an Eye specialist on my routine check up. Moreover, the doctor suggested me to wear progressive lenses as to avoid trouble while my working on the computer. As it was a good suggestion, I opted the same and during using the lenses they got some scratches in the outer part.
    Is there any possibility to get the scratches removed or any specific ophthalmic stores to remove the scratches? Can any one help me out here?
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  • Mild and minimal scratches can be removed by the special buffs and brushes with the optical shops. Some of them give such services also. However if the scratches are deep and much, such cosmetic acts cannot be of much help. You may visit some established and popular optician stores. First visit the shop from whehre you have bought the specs.

  • You can get it removed in any good Ophthalmic stores. They use a special powder to remove the scratches. They put that powder on your lenses and clean with that powder. In this process the scratches can get removed. If they are very deep, removing is very difficult. If the scratches are not deeper they will get it removed and will give you. After cleaning you better get it checked once for power to know whether any change in this process.
    Once I git scratches o my lenses and tried this way and they have become normal. The same powder some people use in the houses also to remove the scratches on the glasses.

    always confident

  • In the spectacle shops they can remove the small scratches by softly rubbing the scratch side by special clothing and fine powder. This is something like a grinding act to grind the surface till the scratch line is vanished. If the scratches are on the periphery they will remove the lense from the frame and fix it back after removing the scratches.

    Only small scratches can be corrected by this way as a big scratch calls for a change of entire lense with new one.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Some of the tips I know. and some I have read in paper. Before mentioning the tips I would like to mention that always keep your spectacles glass facing upwards. Never keep your spectacle glasses facing down the surface.
    Now some of the tips to remove scratches from your spectacles.
    1. Take a small amount of toothpaste and rub it in spex with circular motion and leave it for few seconds and then wash the glass.
    2. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly i,e Vaseline original and rub that in circular motion to spex glasses and wipe it then wash with water.
    3. Even baking soda acts as the same effect of above one.
    4. If your having furniture wax then that also can be used to remove scratches from your spectacle glasses. The method is the same as above.
    5. Scratch free solution used for vehicles can also be used to remove scratches from glasses.
    These are some of the tips which I know and some which I use to remove scratch from my spec.

  • Hi,
    You can consult your optometrician to remove the scratches or otherwise consult with an spectacle stores or optometry store.
    The provide a special package to remove the scratches from the lens by using a special type of service by using fine powder and clothing. they rub the lens for a specific period. If the scratches are minor they can be removed. But if they are too deep then this process may not be so helpful.
    So, first consult an optometry store first to resolve your issues.

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