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    How to get traffic for coupon website?

    Want to increase traffic to a website? Searching for details of how to do so? Here, on this page you can check out advice from experts.

    I have a website listed with most recent coupons and deals from famous Indian online stores. I tried to make my website popular by different processes, like sharing it on social media, using as signature in discussion forms, but still I am not getting the expected result. Any one knows some good and free methods to increase traffic.
    My website link is :
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  • For making any website which is inside another website popular one has to have some writing material full of some keywords with good content so that when people search some material they get address of your sub site.

    So if the reading material or amusement material in your area is attractive people will definitely stay there for a while. For example if you write a page in your site saying 'can you solve this puzzle?' then a person seeking for puzzles may land in your site.

    So the trick is to have good content with keywords people are putting in their pages or articles.

    This the basic idea but if you are interested there are many articles in this ISC site which discuss this issue in great lengths. You can go to the relevant subsection under articles category and find them.

    Knowledge is power.

  • To have a first hand experience and give a feedback, I just visited you website.
    I used to and still sometimes do visit some coupons and deals sites. I had benefited from some of them earlier. I comparison to my experience, I feel your website is not so user friendly. It is not that much easily attractive and not easily navigation able. So probably that may be prohibiting first time visitors visitors from making a repeat visit.

    Your web site need a little more organising and categorisation. Of course there may be many limitations to you also. Sites like paytm give the offers, promos and coupons in their own site. There is nothing better coming from other web sites. Sites like Ebay directly e mail coupons to their registered clients.

    In fact when I visited your site, I was not able to make a search as it was not responding at all.

    So first review your website and make it slightly better in response and navigation.

  • I blog but did not have planned to start own site yet. Here is some tips you can add to your check list for promoting site.
    1. Put backlinks of site in blog sites where people posts about some product.
    2. Visit famous UK and USA coupons site and try to replicate your GUI like that. Aim should be your particular coupon page to get listed in google results.
    3. Most important subscribe to your site. All you need to have users subscribe for latest coupons.

    All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • You may want to promote your coupon website through apps such as pocket money, laddoo etc. You can give people some incentive to sign up. And they can remember your website. Also most of the coupon websites are getting traffic through social media ads. For example twitter and facebook ads are definitely good to check out. You can get some regular traffic this way. And if you setup blog then that can also bring some traffic. You blgging on and other sites also help. Find out the forums and facebook groups where they are looking for coupons and discount and promote your site in those places.

  • I had a glance of your site. According to me you have to upload your site by the needs of the common man i,e put up an add of online stores which are frequently visited. Most of sites which you have put an ad is very costly. You have put ads on your site which is worth buying in online. Regarding your traffic it will definately grow in few months' because any product or site in market will take some time to attract the viewer's. You can post your site ads in most of the free ads classifieds site. like OLX . Because now these are the sites which are frequently visited in all over the world.

  • @Venkiteswaran
    How is my website not user friendly.? As per you my website is not responding, but on my PC browser and on mobile the website is working well. I have a coupon search box on the top, followed by some recharge and bill payment links. In last there are some recent coupons from websites like adidas, pizzahut and more.
    Can you give me suggestions to design in more user friendly way?

  • @#143873, As I mentioned in my post, it was my first visit for a firsthand experience. The causes could have been even at my end. But I generally refer sites like promocodeclub,etc and in comparison, I did not feel the site easy.
    If you have reviewed and found your site user-friendly,then ignore my comments treating it as my experience at that moment of time.

  • Visited your site. But I think that you must put some reading materials to your website. It will help your site to get in to the search pages to attract more people towards your site. You may promote it through apps also, first between your friends and known persons. From there it can catch more audience.
    You can also share it to your social media page, i.e. in FB page.
    You can give an online advertisement for your site in OLX. It gives you fabulous result. Hope it will work for your site.

  • The best part of this website which I think is that I have added a coupon search box, where a user can search coupons related to specific online store instead of browsing the whole website to search for his best store. Such as if some one wants to get latest coupons and deals from paytm, then just enter "paytm" in the search box and latest coupons and deals related to "paytm" will be shown. Further I have added search boxes of amazon and flipkart, one can compare any product by entering in these search boxes before purchasing.
    To be active on social media I have added facebook like and share button, twitter and g+.
    Apart from these I have added my website to google search engine and bing search engine.
    Still I am not getting expected results.

  • You have done your part well but for a site not getting sufficient visitors there are other considerations also.

    If you just consider the number of independent websites and pages or blogsite within the main site you will see that there are
    millions of places where a visitor can go and in that perspective we have to see where we stand whether it is my site or your site.

    I think the normal flow of traffic in most of the sites is low until unless it gets a connection either through an advertisement or some occasional path through a highly used site. My intention is not to discourage you but remember we (you and me ) are not the early birds in this game.

    Further I just want to inform that people are continuously entering and registering in successful sites like youtube and uploading a lot of material in their designated place but are complaining of low traffic. Internet is going to the stage of saturation and if there is something really outstanding in our site then only it is going to attract traffic.

    Knowledge is power.

  • @ Anosua M. Thank you for valuable tips, now I have build an app for the website and started sharing with friends. Hope this will get some regular traffic for my website.

  • For any website that are new can take the help of Traffup. The site offers free views, flowers, retweet and share option.

    The best part is that is almost free.

    1. Go to Traffup Dot Com

    2. Register an account.

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    4. You can also add twitter profile to gain followers, retweet and shares.

    5. You can follow others on twitter to earn points. You can visit other websites to earn points.

    6. The best part is you can also buy pints with real money if you don't want to earn points following others.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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