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    Regarding driving license in other state

    Have a query pertaining to driving license? Want to know if it is valid in states where it is not issued? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses.

    Can I use Mumbai issues driving license in another state like Delhi? Is a driving license issued in Mumbai valid in any other state? Can I drive my vehicle in any other state just for the same of wandering and not residing?
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  • Driving licence of any state is valid in any state of India. If you have original driving licence with you and if you can show it to somebody on demand, you can drive anywhere in India. As far as I know statewise driving licences are not required.
    But if the vehicle belongs to other state and you want us to use continuously in another state or you are shifting to another state the vehicle registration should be changed. First they will give some time to use the vehicle without changing the registration. Within that time frame you have to change your vehicle registration.
    But driving licence of Individual is valid all over India. You can drive anywhere. But other countries it is not valid. When you go to other countries if you have to drive vehicle there you have to take a licence there which is known as international driving licence.

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  • Driving license can be used any where. It is valid in any where in India. Actually my driving license is from Dharwad and using it in Bangalore. There is not state restriction in license. That happens only in vehicles that to if state permission letter is there then you can use that vehicle in that state also.

  • Driving license is issued for all India purposes and it is valid in the entire country. In fact if you observe in a driving license you will find on the top somewhere written as 'Union of India' and after that the name of the state from where it is issued. Specially in the smart card type driving licenses I have observed this.

    So there is absolutely no problem and a person can drive anywhere in India with a valid driving license in his name.

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  • Driving license is permitted all India for driving when issued. But when it comes for identity and address proof you will have to get address change request to RTO office.
    It takes 45 days to get your new license with state address. You will need residence proof to show them.

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  • Driving license tests are now standard with common set of rules across India. So anywhere you get the license it'd be applicable all over the India. Earlier the licenses were paper made and now they have replaced it with the smart card in some of the states. So you can see that new licenses are also easy to verify for them across different states and cities. So you can get license in any city of any state and it should be usable across different states.

  • Driving - licence procured from any state is valid throughout the country. The procedure entails a driving - licence test after the expiry of term usually a tenure of five years and the licence is issued after passing the same test. You have to intimate to RTO regarding your change in your home - address and with the proper fee, the same home address can be incorporated in your licence within a specified period of time.

  • Driving license is issued for the whole country from anywhere. I have gone from one state to another in car but we had no problem of driving license. Even after change of our duty place from one state to other we never got it changed or endorsed until its validity expired.

    So in my knowledge it is valid in the whole of country and no issue on that.

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  • Driving license can be issued ans used any where. It is valid in pan India. One must see the validity date and renew before it expires. D L can be issued above 16 years of age for driving up to 50 cc vehicle and above 50 cc i.e. 100 cc, 110 cc, 125 cc, 150, 200 cc and more one must be above 18 years. D L is issued initially valid up to the age 40 years. After 40 , up to 50 years.

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