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    How yoga and aerobics manage and control diabetes?

    Have a query about the impact of yoga and aerobics on health? Searching for details of how they control diabetes? On this page, check out answers from experts.

    Quite often I have come across few news clips about controlling and managing diabetes through some Aasanas in yoga and also with aerobics.

    How yoga and aerobics manages and controlling diabetes? I would like to know more details about this from learned members.
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  • As per the current knowledge and research results, proper physical activity, mental state and regulated life style including food and sleep can be quite helpful in managing diabetes.

    Yoga if practised regularly in a systematic manner helps in giving ended physical activity, stimulation,relaxation, good sleep and mental relaxation and control and stability. All this are helpful factors to maintain good health and life style. This directly has effect in controlling or managing diabetes also. Aerobics is also a form of physical activity.

  • Good query about diabetes because most of think its heredity and start consuming high dose medicines. Actually our body only produces certain number of insulin daily. Most of that is not used by us. When that is not used properly we start getting health problems. So doing yoga with aerobics helps to keep your body fit and as well free from health problems.
    Yoga is not only to cure your health problems, it also good to get rid from stress and keep our mind active. Yoga includes deep breathing, inhalation and meditation. By these we good result in few days.

  • Regular physical exercises are nescessary for keeping the body fit. It is also a scientifically established fact that if we do not burn calories as per the activity level of our life the unwanted fat will induce all types of ailments in the body. Specially those which are life style induced ones.

    Yoga is a method to control the mind and tone the body so that the unwanted chemicals in the body are excreted properly. It is a great science whose mysteries are yet to be unravelled but people have already availed its benefit seeing which the whole world is adopting it as a body toner and cleanser.

    Exercises or aerobics play a vital role in body metabolism as well as proper functioning of different parts of the human body. With proper aerobics and regular yoga practices many ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, stomach disorders and backache can be avoided.

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  • Diabetes is a life - style disease and as such it calls for realignment of daily routine where stress has to be given to adherence to simple diet excluding ingestion of meals containing carbohydrate, avoidance of sugar followed by regular exercise and enough sleep say for minimum eight is required.
    To sum up to contain this disease, we need to adhere to stress - free lifestyle.
    Yoga is the process by which we relax our strained nerves which in turn helps us in Diabetes, Blood - pressure, Heart and Kidney - disease and in many more disease including mental - disorder. Hence by resorting to yoga and pranayama, we can manage Diabetes to a controlled level. Aeorabics involves physical activity to strengthen our metabolism which offers us many benifits in terms of maintenance of sound - health.

  • When it comes to diabetes, you have to see that controlling weight and also preserving resources is important. And for that you can see that many doctors recommend aerobics and yoga. You have to understand that having controlled those variables, will help diabetic patient to stay healthy and control the blood sugar level.

    Yoga and aerobics are known to have less burden on the body. And this means you are not fast burning the calories. And that is also important as some of the time fast burning the calories you'd find that it may lead to health issues. Like insulin level reducing. In case of the yoga and the aerobics are good enough to moderately burning the calories and keeping the weight in order.

  • Hi,
    Actually now a day there is so much craze for Yoga now a day..but Diabetes is basically a life style disease. So, first keep an eye on your lifestyle, do not take so much of stress. Maintain a healthy diet as per given diet chart by your physician.
    Yoga can keep a control on your blood sugar level as there are few asanas which are really helpful. So , do them perfectly. It will be best if you can choose any instructor for that to do the asanas perfectly.

  • Yoga and aerobics are two things which are aimed to keep a person fit. Aerobics deals with fitness of body while yoga takes care of both body as well as mind.

    The meditation and concentration along with rythmic breathing makes yoga a choice of all worlds. It not only tones the body but also tries to bring calmness and peace in the mind. Yoga is to be adopted as a life style and not only as an exercise.

    Once a body is healthy many diseases which are connected to our abusing of life in an controllable manner can be avoided specially high blood pressure, diabetes and insomnia. Additionally yoga brings the discipline and order in life

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Yoga is an Indian form of meditation which has now become a fad in the west with many yoga centers burgeoning to train the enthusiast on various form of exercises that guarantee panacea to physical ailments. Want to know the complete benefits. Check out one of my article to get the insight of all health benefits from the link below.

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