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    Dynamics 365 is the new version of Microsoft dynamics Ax will it better than Ax 7?

    Want to know about Dynamics 365? Searching for details about its capabilities? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    Dynamics 365 is the new version of Microsoft dynamics Ax will it better than Ax 7?As we know Ax 7 not performed well in India so Microsoft discarded it In India and bring new version of Axapta as Dynamics 365.

    Now market ratio is being up day by day in India for 365 . As its cloud base inhouse product so customer are believing on it.

    Do you think Dynamics 365 has ability to cover SAP and Oracle ERP market soon. I am excited to get view on this topic.
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  • Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 to compete with top ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software products of SAP/ Oracle. It seems market has well received the product but the actual comparison will be known only when this new product from Microsoft is established in market.

    There is a demand of ERP packages and big companies are vying for bigger market share and bringing in revised upgraded and more powerful products day by day. New trends like mobile ERP, social ERP, integration ERP and two tier ERP are emerging in ERP applications and top companies are considering to customise their products to these areas.

    Another aspect is cloud conversions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also having that compatibility. Oracle is already having that in their kitty including recently purchased netsuite.

    So at present Dynamic 365 may not be better than the rival products but it is comparable and giving a neck to neck competition.

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  • ERP software are very competitive among the enterprise. And those software sales are competitive among the enterprise. Despite features the sales are made on the basis of how the training to the employees is given to handle specific requirement of the companies. Also some sales are made on the basis of brand names and the account managers bias. So though Microsoft Dynamics is a good product. The choice to migrate and to compete with other ERP software would be on case by case basis. It's hard to give generic opinion on that. Cloud based software these days are getting mixed reaction from most of the enterprise applications.

  • Dynamic 365 is a good product among the currently market available ERP software as it has improved some of its features. Now a day there are so much ERP softwares are available in market which are really good. They give real competition to microsoft which are based on cloud based software.

  • I think still Axapta is in high demand in market and doing well. SAP is also best ERP but its costly . Oracle is also good ERP but Axapta is covering his market due to user friendliness.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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