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    Consumption of odomos by 2 year old baby girl

    Worried if someone consumes odomos? Searching for remedies on the web? Check out the responses from experts here.

    My 2 year old niece has eaten small amount of odomos cream.nMy sister had taken her to the clinic and they gave some injection and advised her to make the baby to vomit and observe her over night. Is there any risk? Can you please let us know about the risk over consuming odomos N diethyle benzamide?
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  • Direct oral consumption results of odomos in humans are not well documented but experiments on mice have shown that odomos is not very fatal though it affects some body functions temporarily. So with short treatment it will be cured.

    You can ask your doctor about the diet constraint during recovery period and also ask the severity in such cases as they might have seen other similar cases and cured it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As the child is already under medical care you need not worry much now. Do as the doctor advised.

    Once the consumed material goes out in vomit, there will not be any problem. Usually the active content in the product if accidentally taken in in very small quantities may not cause serious problem. The child would have just licked the surface and would not have taken ore as it would not have tasted good to it. If the child does not show any discomfort after overnight,then there is nothing to worry .

    But let this be a lesson and alert to the parents and elders to be very careful and take suitable precautions from now at least.

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