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    Is PHP or .Net a better option for short term training after B.Tech.?

    Unsure about whether to pursue PHP or .Net short term training course after B.Tech.? Learn from experts which of the two is the better option & check out other suggested short term courses too.

    I have already completed B. Tech and I want to join a 6 months training course. However, I am totally confused. Can you suggest good options in terms of short term courses to begin my career? I am planning to join a course in PHP or in .net in Hyderabad. Any other courses you can suggest?
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  • Both the skills will get you job. However .Net seems to be enterprise level language and most of the enterprise jobs are specific to the .Net languages like C# and VB.Net. In case of the PHP, you may find that the language is more focused on the freelancers and the small business projects. So there seems to be demand for the both skills. PHP is lot easier to learn and you can learn it in like 2 months and in case of .NET you can learn in around 8 to 10 weeks of training.

    What is good for you? We can't decide that. It's upto you. You have to decide which language is comfortable for you and get the training on that. Don't forget to also get training with Database such Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL server. That should set you up for proper full stack skill development.

  • PHP is a programming language and is free of any piriority attachment with operating platform. On the other hand .net is a programming framewok specially suited to windows environment. As already explained by Mr Mahesh .net will be a lengthy program than PHP in terms of time for learning.

    If you have time first get through PHP and then go for .net or join a job and pursue .net on the sides of your job. Anyway choice is upto you as there is almost same scope for both the skills in the job market.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hi,
    I would answer the question according to two aspects
    1) Ease to learn
    2) Employability in MNC

    I am also working in an Indian MNC and what I would like to advise you is
    If you want to learn which one is easy then learn PHP.PHP included HTML, designing a CSS, some logic in JavaScript and connection to a database.
    If you want to learn as per employability in industry learn .Net .PHP is generally used in small companies who take projects from odesk and then outsource it...Net moreover is more versatile than PHP.
    My personal suggestion to you would be learning Java because it is the most versatile language. It can be used to make a window application, website, applet etc. Moreoverwe have new framework such as Structs, hibernate etc and UI components linked to Java like SWING,SWINGX,JSF,JAVAFX,HTML5 etc which have a great demand in industry.

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