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    A garden without a single flower

    Have a query about adopting a child? Wondering how to proceed? Here, on this page you can read responses from experts.

    I have been thinking to adopt a child for many days, but due to lack of adequate knowledge I could not advance in this matter. I think you are veteran in this field. So procedure of adoption of a child may kindly be informed alongwith its rules and forms. It will help me to make my garden very beautiful.
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  • What I suggest adopt a boy or girl from your relative's family so that you know about the boy well. If you don't wish to do that you can go and adopt one from any Orphan home. Here you will have different options with different age groups. Go for a child of less than a year age. The orphan home will advise you on all legal formalities that are to be completed to make your adoption legalised. Follow those procedures without fail so that in future there will not be any complications. At the same time if you have belief, you have do the vedic procedure of adoption which will bring a very good harmony between your family and the child.
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  • Sir, I want to adopt a child from my relatives. So I think. its not pleasant to go Orphan home for suggestion. So I wish, expert will advise/suggest me with all legal formalities through ISC.

  • Hi Sanatan,
    If you wish to adopt child from your relatives then also the rule remain same. Better you must consult with any lawyer who deals with such matter. Or you can consult with a person from relevant field. Lastly want to congratulate you for your wise decision.

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