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    What does the dream about Ganesha mean?

    Want to know the meaning of your dream? Looking out for the detailed meaning? Here, on this page you can find advice from experts.

    I dreamt that I was walking on a road in the daytime and a baby elephant ran up to me and started to play with me and roll on his back and looking at me playfully. I kept walking until I came up to a dark skinned woman with children who had a clear bag of dark colored round fruit. The baby elephant ran up to her and she fed it the fruit. Then I woke up and knew it had to be Ganesha. Is there anything I should know about this sign?
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  • Similar questions had been asked in this section earlier also. Dreams of elephant or Elephant God Ganesh is a common occurring to devout people especially those who worship or have heard about Lord Ganesha. Especially now when the Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching.

    If I have to answer this question in a rational way, then what I can say is that this is a manifestation of what you would have seen or heard about elephant and Elephant god Ganesha in your general daily life recently. Our mind records and then outputs certain things not well settled inside by mixing with many other things like that.

    However if a person is a deep devout having faith in such things, and one who may get disturbed unless some remedy is done,then I ca suggest an answer to you as follows.

    Dreams of elephant or Ganesha ,in your case especially correlated with a lady feeding the elephant can signify that you have not fulfilled an offering you promised to a Ganesh Mandir or Ganesh. If you can recollect that well and good, then fulfil that offer or vow.

    If you are not able to recollect that then twpo thigs you can do now. Visist a nearby Ganesha temple and make common offerings like modak or any otheroffering and have the prasad from there. In the coming Ganesh Chaturthi days, visit the Ganesh mandals and participate in aarathi etc and obtain prasad.

    In case you have the infra structure and facilities and convenience , have a 'Ganpathi' in your house for day or more and perform Ganesh puja.

    Do whatever is easily and earlier possible. You will be satisfied and happy.

  • In recent days, for some strange reason people are dreaming about Ganesha a lot. And I think I know why. Dreams are your innermost desires. You see, Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner. Maybe you dreamt about the God because you were excited.
    As for the interpretation of your dream:
    A baby elephant can represent a huge fortune.
    You see that calf came to you. It might be a prediction of a huge sum in near future.
    A dark skin woman with children and food, suggests family.
    Either you or someone in your family is going to obtain a fortune. And there is also a probability of a childbirth.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • It is a good omen. You may hear a good news. Something good may happen to your family or yourself. You can visit a near by Ganesha temple and offer him your prayers. You can go with a coconut there and break it and offer him the coconut.
    Try to perform pooja in your house on Ganesh chaturthi day and all good will happen to you

    always confident

  • First I would want to congratulate for your dream. I had heard from my grandma that if you have a dream on Ganesha, it symbolizes for prosperity. It means you can prosper or some good news or some good thing will happen to your life in near future. But all the thing is for the people who had trust over god. So, be joyous now.
    You can do a puja of lord Ganesha in your home for your betterment
    But if you do not believe such things take it as a sporting manner.

  • thank you very much for all of your responses my birthday is sep. 6

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