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    Certificate course for IT field

    Aspiring to make a career in IT? Confused between studying CCNA or Jetking Course? On this page you will find ample advice from experts.

    I have done my Diploma in Mechanical engineering branch.
    I got a job but I am not satisfied with it. I want to change my career to IT field.
    In the networking field which course is better: CISCO CCNA CCNP OR Jetking? Which course will gave me high salary and good future scope?
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  • My sincere suggestion to you is continue to be a mechanical engineer. Try for a better job in the same field with your experience and qualification. While working you can join in B.Tech part time course or distance education course or AMIE. Once you complete the degree chances for mechanical engineers in core area are high. You can go to good organisations as mechanical engineer.
    If you want to shift to IT sector, I think any one or two certificate courses mentioned above will fetch a new job as a no service candidate only as your present experience is no way useful there. Here also Degree candidates are preferred . so completing graduation will give a boost your career prospectus.

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  • I am assuming that you are interested in Hardware and Networking. In case of networking you should definitely pursue the Cisco certifications. You can see that the amount of effort needed for this set of certifications are higher. Mostly the one who have the certifications usually get the job without having to struggle much. But both concept and hands-on wise CISCO based certification require a lot of effort. Jetking is training institute they are the one who train for Microsoft and CISCO certificates. Make sure you understand the path of these certificates. This way you can learn how to approach future in networking. Most of the networking jobs have medium scale salary in IT. Which means you get paid anywhere from 30K to 80K depending on the company. Some IT companies even pay higher than this but it depends on the invested time. Find out some references who can get you recruited into IT company and find out which requirements and position demands are there. You can then decide which certification applies.

  • Every sector has challenges. Even if you will switch to networking fiend you will find electronics engineers already looking for jobs. Without experience no company hires nowadays. JetKing would be good start since they offer placements too. I would recommend you to think about CDAC as they are for professional and recruiters are happy while interviewing and selecting them. If you do CCAD then choose expertise carefully by looking at their placements.
    Most of my Mechanical friends landed up in IT or in Government jobs. Few are still in Mechanical companies. Better to consult your family before taking any decision.
    Alternately keep option open for doing MS in India or abroad or doing MBA from good institute to get guaranteed placement.

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