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    M.Sc Marine Biology & M.Sc Neuro Science

    Confused between PG Marine Biology and Neuro Science? Looking out online to resolve your confusion? Here, on this page you can find career related advice from experts.

    I have completed my graduation through distance education. I have written entrance for both M.Sc Marine Biology & M.Sc Neuro Science and got seat for both the courses. I have great confusion for selecting the courses between these two. Can you advice in selecting courses? Which one has good job opportunities?
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  • M.Sc marine biology is having more job opportunities. Even you can be a Biology lecturer after completing M.Sc in Marine Biology. Ocean Sciences are getting attraction of many scientists and plenty of research is going on in that field. Research prospectus and job potential are very good for Marine Biology students. If I have to select in between these two I will definitely select Marine Biology.
    Many Universities are having separate Marine Sciences Departments. It is interdisciplinary course and job potential is also good for this course. M.Sc Neuroscience is a relatively unknown subject and yet to get noticed.
    Definitely jobs are less for this subject as far as my knowledge goes.

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  • In my opinion also Marine Biology is definitely a better choice to join as it is a wide area and is related to field of shipping, ocean research, marine life, fisheries and many related ancillary subjects. So it has got a bigger job opportunity.

    On the other hand neuro science is related to field of psychology and medical and the scope is limited. Of course if one is aspiring to be a lecturer in this subject or consulting assistant to neurosurgeons or doctors it is worth pursuing.

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  • In my opinion is go with MSC. Neuroscience. Yes off course in marine biology having lot of jobs but in the cause of the neuro also having lot of value but the posting is less than marine job. But value of the neuroscience is good in the research line and some abroad hospitals. Think about your life aim and carrier then choose the field.

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