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    I have done my BTech in ECE and MTech in Computer Networks. Am I eligible for teaching in either State or Central govt. institute? Or do I have to choose some different option ( some other job)? After PhD can this problem be resolved or not? Can you provide a genuine solutions?
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  • After M.Tech in computer net works definitely you are eligible for teaching post. Many colleges in private management are looking for lecturers to teach in these colleges. If you want to go to Government colleges you may have to get qualified in NET exams. But private colleges are giving lecturer post for M.Tech pass outs directly. So you can join in a good college as lecturer and while teaching there you can complete your Ph.D also. Once you complete your Doctorate you can join in any university or government college as associate professor. Another way is join in any university as a research scholar with a fellowship. Complete your Doctorate and chances of getting a teaching post in that university itself are very bright. All the best to you

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  • Your qualification is quite enough to start your teaching career but you you have not mentioned that Which subject you wish to take as you have done M tech in computer networks I hope you would like to teach networking subject. First browse for the collages who are looking out computer network faculty and find out their eligible qualification for that post because different post have different qualification. Your degree is enough for teaching profession. Its a plus point to your career if you have teaching experience also. So its better you start teaching computer networks in any of he institutes for experience.

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    MSc in computer networking is a sufficient qualification for applying in a private college or university. Only thing is you have to search for vacancies in your particular branch that is computer networking.

    As per my knowledge there are hundreds of colleges/ universities where this is taught so you have to find out from job sites or newspaper regarding the vacancies for teaching there.

    Anyway if you are aspiring for job in Govt colleges you will have to go through NET test which is taken by CBSE on behalf of UGC for appointment of lecturers in Govt colleges.

    Computer networking is a very wide area having ample opportunity specially in private sector so getting a job will not be a problem.

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  • Your first question is either you are eligible for teaching jobs or not? Yes you are eligible for teaching jobs in any colleges either in your state or in another state. You can join in any reputed private engineering colleges as in lecturer post or assistant professor post which offers a good salary. As you posses M Tech degree so it is enough to join in such type of jobs.
    But for the Govt. engineering colleges or in other institutions they prefer the candidates those who have NET or SLET qualified or have PhD in concerned subject. So for that post you are not eligible.
    Yo can do one thing. Now join in a good private college and in the same time join in a PhD programme. In the next few years you have then a doctorate degree and also a couple of years teaching experience. It will be helpful you getting jobs in Govt. organisations.
    Otherwise you can apply for junior or senior fellowship programme (as you do not have specified your current age so it is difficult for to tell which one is suitable for you)offered by the govt colleges and universities all over the country. These programmes offers a good amount of monthly stipend which is almost like the salary of a job. now the choice is yours.

  • Actually i am asking that , in recruitment process govt institute ask for btech and mtech in same stream while i have degree of different streams so i am asking whether i am eligible or not.

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