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    What are the home remedies or general medicines for Typhoid fever.

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    What are the home remedies or general medicine for Typhoid fever?
    One of my family member suffering from typhoid and the fever is uncontrollable. It is reaching 106 degrees.

    When doctors gave antibiotic then it was a relief otherwise again fever issue. If anyone has faced such an issue then can you suggest something?
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    Typhoid is a food and water born disease. I am providing some important information related to disease:
    Pathogen: Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi.
    Symptoms: Symptoms of Typhoid are:

    • Headache and bodyache.
    • High fever.
    • Development of small shining rashes on body.
    • In severe infection, bleeding from intestine.

    Prevention: Some method of prevention of typhoid are:

    • Typhoid also spreads through flies, thus its control is necessary.
    • Proper sanitation and personal hygiene required, if this disease spreads.
    • The sputum, urine and stool of the patient be dumped underground.


    • Vaccination of T. A. B. This vaccine produces immunity against Typhoid, paratyphoid A and paratyphoid B.
    • Treatment with chloromycetin under the guidance of physician.

    I will suggest you to not try any home remedy in typhoid fever. Please contact your physician as soon as possible.
    Hope this will help you to understand typhoid fever.

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  • Typhoid fever will take quite some time to reduce. But temperature can't be so high. Correct antibiotic is to be used. Probably your friend might have used antibiotics more during other times. Generally doctors will do culture test and decide on the antibiotic to be used.
    General treatment for Typhoid is antibiotics, paracetamol and vitamins. Generally doctors prescribe ciprofloxacin or ceftriaxone. Adequate water is to be taken to get rehydrated. But it is always advisable to use medicines as per the advice of a good doctor. Before prescribing the medicines the doctor will confirm the typhoid by clinical tests.
    There are some home remedies for typhoid. But don't depend on these when the problem is severe. You should consult a good doctor preferably a MD general physician and go as for advice. I am giving some home remedies which I come across.
    1. 2 nos of garlic cloves with empty stomach early in the morning is suggested. You have to take for about 15 days.
    2. Make a mixture of one teaspoon full garlic paste in 8 cups of water. Then add 2 cups of milk and mix them in a mixer thoroughly. Then evaporate the mixture till 75% evaporates and 25% will remain. The patient can take this solution one teaspoonful at a time and 3 times in a day.
    3. Take 8 nos basil leaves and 14 numbers black pepper and 14 nos of strands of saffron. Make a paste and make small tablets with that paste. Daily take 2 or 3 tablets till the fever comes down.
    4. Take a fresh lemon and cut into two pieces and take the juice. Mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey and drink. You have to take two times a day.
    With the above information I again advise you to take your friend to a good MD general physician and follow his advice and use medicines prescribed. That will be the best course of action.

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  • Typhoid fever is a strong illness suppose if your family member is having high fever please go according to the doctor's prescription. Along with that you can try out some home remedies which will not effect the medicine that your consuming prescribed by the doctor.
    1) Drink boiled water always.
    2) Mix little salt in papaya slices and eat daily on slice. the more number of days the papaya slices are kept salted , its the better.
    3) Boil Katukarohini and amrithaballi [which is available in all Ayurveda shops] in water until it reduces 1/8 th its quantity and drink it twice a day.
    4) Dry ginger and coriander seeds in the form 1:2 boil them together in water to reduce to 1/4 th its quantity and drink it hot.
    5) Drink kasaya prepared by boiling in water the tender budding leaves of peepal tree.
    6) Boil orange peels in water until it is reduced to one fourths its quantity and drink this hot kasaya.

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