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    Query about what to do after BTech

    Wondering what to study after BTech? Searching for the options on the web? Here, on this page you can read the guidance provided by experts.

    I have completed my graduation in Computer Science & Information Technology at Sathyabama University and looking to get recruited , which is better: Govt Job or a bank job? Can you guide me for better options?
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  • I think either one is a good job. You can see that you have choice from following the govt aided banks recruitment process or the private bank recruitment process. And then there seems to be the process for the different type of govt job. Considering both of them have decent pay and job security, it'd be better than the IT jobs in comparison to these context. Which one is right for you? Only you can decide. Stability is there in both - govt job and bank job. I suggest you to do some discussion with people who are working in these jobs. Find out how you want your future lifestyle to be. Get some focus on your future plans and the what you can do in the govt and bank jobs. See if you can see yourself into this. And then go for either one of them.

  • After completing B.Tech in computer science, you can try for government jobs as well as bank jobs also. Now banks are computerising all their activities and ATMs are there. They have separate computer wing also. So you can apply for PO post in the bank and once you got selected for the post you can try to work in that section. For getting selected to PO post you have to prepare well and come out successful in written tests and then you will be called for an interview. If you got selected in interview also they will offer you the posting after going through the medical examination.
    In both Central and state governments there are many posts for computer engineers. They will be advertising the posts. Watch the job section of this site. You may be able to get details of recently advertised government posts. Apply for those pests following all the points given. You may get selected.
    In my opinion you can try for both whatever you are getting you can join. If you are getting selected for both you can decide on the job which is of more interesting to you.

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  • The vacancies are announced at different times. The process of recruitment and final appointment also has the time factor. So you may apply to the vacancies and job announcements as they come. You may accept the first one that selected you. Then you will feel less pressed and can make your choice comparing the various factors like remuneration, place of appointment, transfer prospects, career prospects etc.

    Both banking sector jobs and government jobs are good. Please read articles and other information about the recruiting procedures and tests conducted for both and prepare for them. It is announced in media about an IBPS common examination for banking jobs and they are tentatively to start online application by first week of August. Please visit IBPS web site for more.

  • There are some pros and cons of Government job and Bank job. My friend had worked as Junior IT manager in Govt. Bank. He has decent salary and selected through interview.
    But after couple of years he quit. Here are reasons.
    1. Saturday workings and alternate Saturday is half day or off.
    2. Not much off work so you need hobbies to keep yourself busy.
    3. Late promotions and transfer pain.

    Good thing about government job is stability. You will never ever lose job.
    On the contrary in Bank or private job all above 3 points are invalid and you can switch to different bank or employer. Basically your skills will be valued.
    Again drawback in private is worry of losing job during recession or through management.

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