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    Till what age does the bone weight increase?

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    Many people have problems of low weight. Even if they look heavy actually their weight is less. Many say that it is because of low bone weight. If we want to increase bone weight then till what age does it increase for adults? What food increases bone weight quickly in short period?
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  • When a child is growing into an adult that is the time when bones are in the making and their weight or bone density increases. There are many medical studies done in this subjects and charts are drawn for wieght of bones versus age.

    On an average the peak bone density is formed somewhere in the age range of 25-30 years. After that it remains almost constant for some period and starts degrading or decreasing from an age of approximately in the range of 38-42 years.

    These are very average values based on data from different different studies and places. So some individuals may show some departures from these trends.

    Anyway from these data it is clear that one should be cautious and attentive after an age of 40-45 in respect of taking supplementary calcium and other salts as prescribed by the doctors.

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  • The increase of bone weight will complete up to 90% by 18 years of age.
    The remaining bone weight will happen up to its maximum ie 100% will be over by 30 years.
    Actually the weight increase is a process of old bone removal and new bone growth.
    After 30 Years old bone removal will be fast and new bone growth will be less. Hence there will be some loss in bone weight as our age goes up.
    There is no natural way of producing calcium in our body. The calcium will be only from your food and drinks. As required with a consultation with a doctor we may have to take calcium for upkeeping the required weight. If we do exercise everyday like walking the bone weight loss may decrease.

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  • Bone weight starts increasing when you will be in the mother's womb only that's why during that period there will be so much folic acid medicine will be prescribed along with proteins and vitamins. But after birth also it increases depending on your food habit. Always have sprouted dal's which is very good protein and rich in folic acid. Healthy fruits and vegetables. Healthy I mean to say the natural grown and ripe not done by any chemical form. Always use seasonal fruits on that season only don't buy and eat just its available in the market. . By having all these in a regular diet your bone weight will increase. But if your planning to consume any medicine for that please consult doctor. Don't ever buy any market product's by getting impressed in ads.

  • Actually the bone weight get increased in the body of growing child. When they are in the development phase the overall growth of human body got happened. So, a healthy diet is needed in the development phase of your body. If you include healthy natural food items in your daily diet it supplies nutrition to your body and the bones get developed. The procedure runs till you get adult. For well growth of bones try to keep foods in your child's diet which are rich in Calcium and vitamin D. It will help them a lot for bone development.

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