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    How to reduce growing of nose hair too much

    Are you feeling uneasy with your excessive nose hair? Want to reduce it naturally? Then you are in the right page where experts has given the way to reduce hair growing in nose. Feel free to check out the contents available in this page.

    Hi, I just want to ask if what is wrong with my nose. Is it my nose hair or infection? I think something is wrong with my nose because everyone are somewhat disgusted with my nose. Please help me solve this. Thanks! Before, I plucked and trimmed my nose hair and until I have a scar on the outer bottom part of my nostril, how can I treat it?
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  • Hair in the nose is good to some extent. It will protect the respiratory system by preventing entering of dust and other wastes through the air you take in. In such case load on respiratory system will reduce. But excessive hair is not required which looks odd and make others to stare at you.
    You can trim the hair using a nose hair trimmer which is available in the market.
    You can also use personal grooming scissors with round tips. This item is available in market.
    You can go for laser treatment for the removal. For this you have to go to you a professional and get the laser treatment done. I think this is a permanent solution to avoid excess hair in the nose.

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  • Most of Salon do trim nose and armpit hair. If you are not confident then prefer to trim through barber. Now question is about your nose. Looking at your pictures it looks like nose structure is type "Snub". It is common to see nose hair when you have nose tip elevated up than bottom because nose inside is more visible. Going back to your hair problem , what is growth rate of nose hair? Within how many days you trim them? If you are trimming them weekly , I would recommend keep it like that way. Average people also trim bi-weekly. Hope it is every alternate days you are trimming then you need to consult good doctor for more options.

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  • You have not specified about the frequency about when you trim your nose hair. By seeing your pictures I can say that a bi weekly trimming is enough for you. Go to any good salon to do this as they has a package for such hair removal procedures. You can do it also in ordinary barber's shop also. But be careful that the place where you do the trimming the cleanliness must be maintained. Otherwise you may have infections as the place is so delicate. You already said that you have a scar over there due to trimming. So, be careful.
    Otherwise if you need a permanent solution you can go for laser treatment. In laser hair removal the hair root get permanently removed through the laser rays. It will cost a little bit high than any simple threading or waxing of hair.

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