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    Need to know about studying in Germany

    Want to do your PG course in Germany? Check out this page to know the tuition fees and travel expenses from India to Germany along with details of the study in Germany.

    Hi All,

    I want to know the details about studying in Germany. I know that in order to study in Germany we need to know about German language but then the tuition fee is less as compared to other country. Can you guide me how much money needed to land in Germany for PG course. Please provide by break down.

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  • In Germany there are two types of educational institutions or universities. One is public and other is private. Many international students choose or prefer public as the fee is very less there in comparison to private. In public universities fee is only about 150 Euro/year while in private it varies but minimum is about 3000 Euro/year.

    On an average the living cost is around 800 Euro/ month. It will be less if you are lucky to get in campus sharing hostel accommodation.

    For talented students there are opportunities of scholarships also. In Germany you can make some money by part time job also.

    The present rate of Euro is Rs 75 so you can find the approximate amount. You have to keep the germany VISA charges and airfare also in mind for going to Germany.

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  • Thank you Umesh for the information. But what I wanted to know the information about how much total fund needed. Except tuition fee, there certain amount need to show in the bank account. So I need to know total money to be arranged to land Germany except tuition fee.

  • Actually what you are asking now is related to getting German VISA and formalities of bank balance statement copy etc to show there.

    German VISA application and it's conditions etc is a detailed matter altogether and I can not clarify your query immediately but there is one site where you can get all the details including bank statement issue also and that site is -

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