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    Is MCA or MBA the better course from IGNOU for a career?

    Unsure about whether Is MCA or MBA is the better course to opt for in terms of a future career path? Get feedback and guidance on these two options from the expert responses provided below.

    Which course is better from MCA and MBA programs from IGNOU? I mean which has more weight-age in terms of a future career? I think MCA is better but I would like to know from others, especially from MBA students.
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  • You have decided the Institute. That is IGNOU. This university is offering many courses by distance education mode. If you want to study by distance mode in IGNOU my suggestion is that you opt for MCA only. Not MBA. You will have some what better chances for getting a job if you complete MCA. So go for MCA only.

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  • If you are planning to take up one of the courses from the above one, I will also advise you for MCA as this has a more demand then MBA and due to wide spread of computer related jobs there is always an advantage in doing MCA.

    If you can afford then after MCA you can think of some specialized certificate course from reputed companies like microsoft in some particular branch of your choice which will give you scope to enter the industry in still better position.

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  • Hi Santosh,
    you do not have specified that you are doing job or not in your question. So, why you are choosing a distance mode for education especially for MCA or MBA. If possible you do it in direct mode. The main benefit of direct mode is that there you can sit for on campus interviews for getting job if you choose a good institution which has a well placement record over the past years.
    But as you have chosen IGNOU, I must say it is on of the great institute which are offering a lot of various subjects in the field of distance education. It has quite good syllabus, awesome study materials etc. From your question it is clear that you are in a dilemma.
    As I am a student of MCA I can suggest you to go for MCA. Now a day you can see that the use of computers in almost every field which increases the job facilities for computer literate people. So, go for MCA as it will be more beneficial for you.

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