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    How to speak out in a GD topic Hoax in India

    Struggling to get points to be discussed in GD titled "Hoax in India" . Collect here the tips and ideas from experts on how to effectively deliver your voices with key points in a GD like this.

    We have a group discussion and the topic is hoax in India. It is very wierd but our professor said in GD's they can give us any topic of their choice. So please suggest some points to speak on the topic "Hoax in India" ( I think we have to speak upon the rumors and its bad impact on India or any Indian organisation).
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  • Just try to recall how many times you were duped or deceived by some one. It could be by some friend or classmate playing tricks on April Fool day ,just for fun. It could be about you sending money for something and not receiving the product. It could be about a news item you read about a report that many people got cheated by investing heavy amounts expecting huge returns. It could be about a report that so-and-so rel estate developer cheated people by taking booking for flats which he never built.

    It the GD is going to be an oral GD, you can make the presentation sweet and humorous by your ability in words and tone modulation. Start by presenting things which you had experienced and then move on to the reports, the mentality of people i falling victims even after a lot of events and then suggest remedies for avoiding and preventing such hoaxes happening.
    There were many hoaxes during the demonetisation period. Even now we may be receiving many hoax calls

  • Group discussion would be healthy if there are positive and negative angles in talk. Hoax as such don't have positivity. Hoax causes bad impression and duping.
    For negative side you have lot of examples and things to talk. Like Hoax emails , calls, whatsapp or messenger messages. which causes financial and mental damage.
    Only good thing from Hoax is your learning how cheater tricks people and how to be aware and alert. Winner of lottery , scam calls of winner of Television , text messages of click in on link to win laptop are all hoax Specially in India criminal targets single living person or sometimes authority to take away attention.
    You must have heard Hoax call to police department about robbery or suspicious activity which actually on location don't happen. It is something to take away attention and involve in actual act at different place.

    Hope these points will help to talk. All the best.

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