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    How to mark the percentage of marks in two decimal places

    Don't know how to mark your percentage of marks in two decimal places? Learn here from the experts how to do it.

    How to write marks percentage upto two decimal places?
    Percentage of marks in two decimal places is sought in my job application form. If I score 53.04 percentage of marks in exam, how do write the percentage in two decimal places?
    Please give details.
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  • What is given in the question(53.04) itself is the answer.
    For example one gets marks like 65,73, 82, 77, 60 and 64 all out of hundred. The total is 421 out of 600. The overall average percentage is 70.16666... It may be given by some institutions as 70.166 in their mark sheets. But if this has to be expression two decimals then it is to be written as 70.17(rounded to the nearest place). There will be clear instructions as to how the rounding should be. This can vary as per institution and purpose.

  • You want to mention your marks percentage up to two decimal places. How to do that. Is it the question?

    For example if you got 380 out of six hundred your % is 380 X 100/600. This is equal to 63.333. The lost digit is less than 5. Hence you ignore it and mention the percentage as 63.33%.
    Another example if you got 433 out of 600 your % is 433X100/600=72.166. As the last digit is more than 5 you can adjust your % to 72.17.
    This is the general practice.

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  • For representing your percentage to two decimal places you have to round it using the principle that if third decimal place is less than 5 you ignore it and if it is 5 or more you increase the second decimal place value by 1.

    Let us use this for 67.7492 % and 79.8529 % values. Using the rounding rule as above we make these two values as 67.75 and 79.85

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  • You do not have specified your score here, so I am using another example . For specifying about 2 decimal places you must use the round off method.
    Suppose your score is 57.114. So, when you want to round it off just write 57.11 as the last digit 4 is less than 5.
    If your score is 57.118, then as per the rule of rounding of the digits the last digit 8 is greater than 5. So we write the score as 57.12 by increasing 1 to the last digit of the two decimal place. Hope you understand the rule.

  • Thank you all for your kind information.

  • Mentioning percentage upto two decimal places means that
    • if your answer of percentage comes out to be 56.2334 you have to write 56.23
    • if your answer is 56.556 then you may round off the third decimal place digit and write it as 56.56

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