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    Is it possible to change wife's name in army documents ?

    Would like to change wife name in army documents ? Get expert guide here to do correction in army documents based on the correct name printed in your Aadhaar card.

    My father is an army person. My mother's name is different in my fathers army documents from my mother's documents (i.e. Aadhar card etc). Her name is misspelled in army documents ( Veena is her name but in army they have written Beena ). Please suggest any procedure to change it.
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  • Hi,
    First I am telling you that it is possible but you have to provide all the relevant documents in support of your mother's original name or the name that you want to change. You do not have specified that your father is alive or not? Whatever it is your mother should produce her marriage certificate or any other relevant document from which it is proved that they are husband wife with the name specifying VEENA. You can produce your mother's voter ID or Adhaar card or the first page of the passbook of any joint account in any bank etc.
    Along with your father have to produce on behalf of your mother a court Affidavit specifying her correct name. hope these measures will help you to solve your problem.

  • Yes my father is alive

  • The procedure is very simple. Your mother herself must sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city indicating that Veena and Beena are same person. Your mother is required to publish classified advertisement in one English newspaper and one vernacular newspaper. Then you have to preserve the originals and send photocopies to the Army authorities for record (if your father is still serving). If your father is an ex-serviceman, then the documents are required to be sent to the Army Pension Authority by Registered Post and acknowlesgement of the same may be preserved.
    If your parents are old, the work should be completed as early as possible.

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