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    How to get Aadhaar card online

    Want to get your Aadhaar card quickly? Know from this Ask Expert page whether you can get it through online mode.

    Is there any process to get my Aadhaar card online? I can see everything is getting connected with the Aadhaar card. So i want to get mine quickly.
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  • Initially you have to go to Aadhaar web site and know what is the nearest Aadhaar center. In that site they will give the place, address and phone number of the center also. Make a phone call and ask him about the time and documents required for online registration for Obtaining the card. Go to the center and get your application filled there. They do all concerned work and you have to pay fees accordingly. Once they submit your application , you collect the acknowledgement and reference number. You will get your card by post. It will take some time. After 10 days you can download your card from aadhar website. It can be used as original for all purposes till you receive original by post.

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  • Aadhaar card registration cannot be done online. Only to change your address or correction in name or any correction in cards can be done online. But first registration should be done in nearest aadhaar registration center's.
    New registration is done in any government office and karvy center's also. First you have to fill the form and submit it with address proof and age proof. Then your photo's will be clicked with your finger prints scanned then your application will be uploaded and they will give you acknowledgement till you receive your aadhaar card. The reference number in the acknowledgement slip can be used till you receive your aadhaar card. The process can be checked in net providing your reference number.

  • If you have never got your aadhar number as of yet then going to nearest "Grahak Seva Kendra" makes sense. As for other corrections to make you can find that there are some other ways to manage the aadhar update. You can get all specific instruction in that case from the center. In case if you are already registered and want to access the Aadhar number. In such case you can make use of the mAadar app. Apart from that you can also take the print any time you wish by logging into UADI website. Aaadhar process can't be done online and you have to get it done through biometric system usually found in grahak seva kendra. Once aadhar is acquired you can get your details checked through app or through internet.

  • For first time you have to visit the nearest Aadhar registration center for filling the application form and you will be required to give your address proof. Your photograph and biometric data will be taken by them and they will give you an acknowledgement to that effect.

    After some time you will receive your original Aadhar card by post. Meanwhile you can download a copy of same from the online portal of Aadhar card and use it for any purpose till you receive your original.

    Remember Aadhar card is very useful and slowly in future only telling its number will be sufficient for the purpose as verification of your identity will be done by finger/thumb print recognition technique by a simple gadget available with any agency who wants to verify your credentials.

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  • There is no way to get Aadhaar card online. There are many centers you will find closed and sometimes online number will be busy or changed. It is really painful but fact.
    Alternately government arranging camps for Aadhaar card application. Those camp details either will be flashing online in website https://uidai.gov.in/ or you can visit local municipal office for more details. My friend did through camp as his area given number never able to reach.

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  • Yes, there is no way to get Aadhar card online and this ID is very useful these days, if you have not it yet then try to apply for it immediately to get it done. You can enquire with known person or nearest Corporation office or relevant authorities for it. Once you applied offline then you can wait and use the reference number given in the office to use online to track the detail.

    You can amend the detail if any only if it is already processed and available online. You can even take a print out of it from online source.

    The official website of Aadhar card is https://uidai.gov.in/ so you can check its each link to get some idea.

  • Yes I will suggest you to contact you nearest kiosk center. Have you applied for adhaar card or not . If you want to make a new adhaar card, please contact kiosk center. It will take 7-10 days.
    If you already have adhaar card and want to change some thing then there is a kiosk center in every district where get new adhaar card within 24 hour.
    You can download your adhaar card by using enrollment number/ adhaar number and mobile number in pdf format..

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  • As you rightly said Aadhar Card is now mandatory for any kind of transaction whether it is online or offline. But for getting Aadhar card is a little bit tedious job as no government / private agency is offering to do the same in online. But for getting the details of the nearest enrollment centre, you can get the help of Aadhar official website "www.uidai.gov.in".

    Once you get the place where from you get it enrolled, you have to visit the place in person in the early hours well before opening the office and get the token number(which is being issued in many centres) to be enrolled for that day. You have to carry ID Proof and Address proof alongwith you for enrolment. If you want to get the card for all the family members, all the members must be present for enrolment. This process is being done with free of cost since the fresh enrolment. Once the successful enrolment is done, you would get the card within two to three weeks by post.

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