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    How to answer this question 'How can you Contribute to ESAF Small Finance Bank? (in 150 words)'

    Would like to answer an interview question like How can you Contribute to ESAF Small Finance Bank? (in 150 words) ? Then get here the solution from our experts.

    ESAF is the small finance bank in kerala. For Recruitment of Sales Officer, Relationship Officer, Credit Officer and Sales Officer (Trainee),they ask a question in the application form," How can you Contribute to ESAF Small Finance Bank? (in 150 words) ",so how to answer this question.
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  • In my application I will write as below.

    I am having all the required qualifications to get appointed as an officer in your esteemed bank.
    Basically I have lot of interest in human relations. The posts advertised in the bank are related to more dealing with the clients. I can maintain very good relations with the customers and I will see that every customer is get satisfied with my service to them. Once the customers are happy they will stick to our bank and they will bring in many more customers which will be a positive aspect to the bank. I am a quick learner and Learn from my bosses and try to use the learned subject to attract more customers which will contribute for the progress of the Organisation. What ever task is handed over to me I can execute the same to the best of abilities. I will try and see that my contributions to bank will be good and as result I will also get good appreciation from my seniors. Hope I will be given a chance.

    always confident

  • I am giving you ideas as below and you can rewrite or rearrange them in your own language so that it does not look like a copied content.

    'As per my qualifications I feel myself suitable for the job. I know how to behave in the most courteous way with our customers and provide them the service as per the banks rules and regulations. It will be my prime endeavour to satisfy the customers in all respect so that it will be a pleasure for them to visit our bank.
    I am confident that with my capability of laisoning with masses I will be able to generate business for the bank and will be instrumental in increasing its deposit base as well as increase in the size of good loans.
    I am also sure that I will be working with my colleagues as an integrated team and will do our all out efforts towards the growth of the bank. I fully understand that the growth of an employee is linked to the health of his organisation so my efforts will be with that spirit.'

    So go on and best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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