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    MCA Course or MBA short term course after B.Sc mathematics

    Confused about which one you can go for whether MCA or BCA after completing your UG in Mathematics ? Get opt guidance from our experts in this page. Also know about MBA short term courses after having done B.Sc mathematics.

    I have completed B.Sc mathematics from Orissa University. Now we are in Mumbai. I am looking for further studies. Can I do MCA after B.Sc mathematics. As I have not done BCA, I am worried whether I can do MCA or not. Do MCA subjects have any connection with BCA. Also suggest good options for MBA short term course like 2 years course which can be done after B.Sc mathematics.
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  • You can go for MCA. You need not worry that you have not done your BCA. Many science graduates opt for MCA after completing their graduation. The job potential after MCA will be good and you will even get postings in campus interview if you join in a good college. My brother has done B.Sc Mathematics and then completed his MCA. He got selected for a post in Hp. Now he is a Manager in EMC which is a MNC and very good pay masters.
    MBA is good if you get a seat in IIMs or very well known business schools which is very difficult and costly also. MBA from other institutions is not of much use..

    Hence my advice to you is to go for MCA.

    always confident

  • In my opinion also MCA will be a good choice. The reason is that the computer area has got a vast potential and due to digitization and automation drives it has a much more job potential than other streams.

    MBA on the other hand is seeing some saturation in job market until unless you do from a reputed institution and get campus recruitment.

    Anyway you have to make a choice depending upon this job scenario as well your aptitude for a particular stream.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Sir, thanks for your opinion. but what about the subjects which are interlinked with BCA. Will that be covered again in MCA. I have heard that all basics are covered in BCA. Without that knowledge MCA may get tough. Whether the basics are coverd in MCA. Please let me know.

  • In your case you have BSC Maths, so you can complete MCA. Let's assume you had BCA degree in such case there would be no need for MCA. When you are approaching pure technical career it makes sense to get BCA degree. And in such case there is no need for MCA as you're more than eligible for the technical jobs. I don't see many people who do BCA continue with MCA. The MCA degree was purely meant for the non engineering graduates in mind. And for BCA students almost every post graduate topic is pretty much covered in their 3 year degree course. So not worth if you have BCA degree. It does not compliment your degree to be honest. If you wish to go for the masters degree see if you can get DOEACC level ceritification like C-DAC or MBA or say MS in US based university or other countries. So that should give you direction. Find out where you want to have the career Management or the technical side.

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