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    When having contraceptive pills is it possible to get pregnant?

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    I am a married women with a daughter of 2 years age. My problem is that I am taking contraceptive pill (choice) so as to gap my pregnancy. For 2 or 3 times I forgot to take the pill, but the very next day I took it as I remembered. But now I am afraid that I am pregnant but I am having the pill till today. Is it possible to get pregnant in that case? And if I continue using it will it affect the baby?
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  • It is most unlikely to have birth control pill impact on baby while pregnant with exceptions like type of medicine , physical hormonal situation. If you have time then immediately visit gynecologist. You can try check pregnancy by using pregnancy test kit at home and then take next action.

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  • If you are using pills regularly, even if you forget for one or two days there is no problem. But if you forget for prolonged time you may get pregnant. There are no side effects for these medicines if you are using the pills suggested by a Physician. Many medicines are available and many of them are harmless only.
    There are some emergency contraceptive pills which can be used after having the sex within four days which will prevent pregnancy. Success rate is 98% if the user is not high weight person.

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  • You should stick to certain discipline while using the contraceptive pills and in fact this should form an integral part of your routine and in that way, you can avoid unnecessary pregnancy. At present, there are different versions of pills available in the market that allows an user to take up the pill beyond the scheduled time to arrest the unpleasant pregnancy.
    You should have a consultation with your family - physician to know the latest status but for that you need to wait certain time to know the real result. Prega - news strips are available in the chemist - shop and by going through the simple test, you may confirm your status of pregnancy.
    Of course, in the event that you are pregnant and still continuing the contraceptives, you are endangering the health of the foetus. Better to have consultation with an experienced lady - doctor who can assess your position.

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