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    Studies or cricket what to choose at 17 years age

    Confused about what to choose whether playing cricket or study? Get expert guidance here.

    I am 16 years old in +2 science stream. Want to be a cricketer. I had played for my club for 3 years when I was 12. Now I can't manage cricket and tuitions at same time so had a gap in cricket coaching of 2 years (+1 and +2). I am ready to do a lot of hard work. I just want to fulfill my dream that is to play cricket for my country. Do I have a scope because I m 17 years old and I am a batsman. I live in Chandigarh. Please help me should I keep my passion cricket as first preference or studies as my first preference?
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  • You can try your cricketing skills as you are very much interested. Join in a good cricket club in your area . Get trained fully and practice it fully. Practice batting against available good bowlers. Get the tips from experts. If some videos are available watch them and try to understand the methods of facing various types of balls. You will get chances to play big cricket.
    But don't discontinue your studies. Join in BA or B.Com, so that you can complete your degree also. The college will provide a platform to you to play cricket. You can participate in inter college,inter university and inter state competitions.

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  • This type of confusion is common at your age. Now you should think about your financial background, if your family depends on your job and earnings, you should give first priority to your studies, my advice is to concentrate on your studies. According to my experience more and more opportunities in life comes through education. If your financial situation is quite good you can give importance to your passion than education.


  • I want to be a cricketer. My family backgourd are good, i wont say they are excellent but my elder sister is there if any problem persist. I m crazy about being a cricketer. I often practise at home too. I use to go for running in the morning and i have joined a gym too so thay i can be fit enough to be a sportsman (working on my legs). M just waiting for my +2 to be completed and the day i give my last exam i ll make sure when returning from school i ll get admission in PCA. One of the international stadium of chandigarh and home ground of kings eleven punjab. I just want some confidence because every one says that there are alot of children with same dream. Do i stand a chance to become a cricketer? I will practise all the day and night because i juat want that. Please help sir.

  • Mr. Tanish Verma,
    I read your thread and responses. Yo told that your financial condition are not excellent but good and your sister is there. But you and your family can not be dependent on your sister. After all she has to live her life. And what about her marriage?
    I will suggest you to join your college and try to be a player of your college cricket team. Do not forget Sachin and Vinod Kambli. They have great partnership at school level. So if have talent, you will show in tournament and have a chance to be selected in state level of any other format like T20 cricket. College will provide you a platform to show your talent.
    Unfortunately I want to tell you there are a lot of competition in this field and every child want to make his career in this field. Also I want to tell you there are a lot of politics. Sometimes good players are not selected.
    So, try to make your career in cricket but don't stop your education. I will suggest you to make education your priority.
    Cricket is a game of uncertainty. So, I am not discouraging you, but its reality. Now you have to make your choice.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.

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  • You have to understand that these days sports are not low paid. So here performance and the shelf life of the sportsman is lot lower than the earlier sports people. For example in cricket with T20 you can't maintain more than 5-10 years. In case earlier sports people who had career of 15 years or more, in case of sachin even more. As you can see that's not going to be possible. So education and the alternative source of income needs to be taken seriously. You have to understand that education and the source of income later opens more doors for you. And that's not something cricket focus alone can give you. For example earlier retired players are either working with government or some working in board and other stuff. For this to work out you have to make sure that you are coming across with some proper plan.

    You want to focus on cricket, that's fine. Just don't rule out education and alternative source of money out of this.

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