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    GOI prescribed caste certificate

    Have a query about issue of caste certificate from the government? Searching for details and the procedure? Here, on this page you can check out suggestions from experts.

    What is the procedure and documents required in issuing Government of India prescribed caste certificate?
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  • Caste certificate will be issued by revenue authorities of the concerned district. You have to contact your MRO office. There will be a fixed form for applying for caste certificate. You have to fill in that application and attach a copy of your birth certificate and your father's caste certificate . You have to pay the prescribed fee in the form a challan. Then they will do the enquiry and issue the caste certificate. If you don't have your father's caste certificate, you have to get a confirmation letter from the village authorities for the issue of your caste certificate.

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  • From my personal experience so far, there is no prescribed caste certificate model or what so ever which you can get ready made. One has to apply for caste certificate through MRO of their respective areas. For that you have to take the community certificate certified by the religious and caste association having office in your. For every caste there are organizations safeguarding the interest of their community. On getting the certificate, there is a prescribed format through which one has to apply for the caste certificate. Based on the information given by the community head, the MRO shall issue the caste certificate again verified with the original gazette released by the government at the state and central level. Once that certificate is issued , it becomes the legal document and every department has to accept the same.

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