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    Need information about BEd

    Interested in joining the teaching profession? Searching for details about the B.Ed course? On this page you can check out advice from experts.

    I am did my Diploma and then B.Tech in Information Technology. I worked in networking field for 4 years and then left the job and took up a job as an English teacher. I want to do B.Ed. Which subject do I need to choose in B.Ed? Do I need to choose computers since I have done B.Tech or can I take English since I am working for the past one and a half year as an English teacher. I am even doing M.A English in correspondence from Annamalai University in Chennai. Which subject do I need to opt while doing B.Ed?
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    Please post your question in 'Ask Expert' section for detailed information. Prima-facie, you won't be able to take admission in B.Ed. Even if you can, you won't be able to get employment in Government schools because of your Graduation degree, which is not a teaching degree.

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  • It is good to note that you are interested in teaching line. B.Ed is one year course after your graduation. You can opt for English in B.Ed and science subject also since you are B.Tech in IT.
    But my suggestion is instead of doing B.Ed you can join in any private college as lecturer with your B.Tech qualification. They may pay you about 20,000/- per month. Once you join there you can do M.Tech on part time basis with the approval of your college. Once you complete your M.Tech, 2 years course, you will get lecturer post with UGC scales in Government colleges also. With B.Ed you may be limited to high school level teaching . But M.Tech course will give you a better exposure and chances of becoming Professor are very high.

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  • Mr. Chandana, You can do only one degree course at a time. If you are doing M.A. then you can't do B. Ed. since both are degree courses. You can do one degree and one diploma courses simultaneously.
    You have to choose two main subjects in B. Ed. So select one as English. You have to select a second subject also. I have a doubt that computer is not included in subject. You can select computer in the other section like use of computer in Education. You have to select sc, social. maths, Hindi or any other main subject.
    You have not mention how do you want to do B Ed. regularly or distance course.
    If you want to do regular course then you have to give entrance exam conducted in the apr months. Then you have to select colleges online and other formalities of admissions.
    If you want to do B. Ed. in distance mode you apply for admission in IGNOU. For distance course you have complete D.Ed. and two years teaching experience in a school. Let me know which course you want to do then I will be able to guide you accordingly.
    Hope this will help you

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  • Hi Mr.Hakkim thank you so much for giving reply , iam doing M.A english in distance mode and finished one year and want to do B.ed in regular mode.

  • Hi Mr. Chandana,
    Then please compete your second year (final) of M.A. and then apply for B.Ed. regularly. You have to submit online form for the entrance exam of B. Ed. You can submit this form through any kiosk center. After entrance examination, you have to select a college as per you continence and according to merit list. Then pay your fees to the college for admission. You have to pay your fees at college level but all other processes are online .

    Hope this will help you.

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  • Yes, you can opt Engllish in your B.Ed course apart from science subjects which you have persued so far up to your Engineering - course. Moreover, it would be a boon on your part to have acquired a post - graduate degree in English being persued by you through Distance mode.
    I cannot make out why you are changing your profession from being an IT professional to a teacher in some high - school. You may review your decision. If interested for the teaching profession in an Engineering college, you may try in some private Engineering - college with the consultation of the Principal of the said college. Then make an attempt to clear GATE with a high percentile. This will enable you to continue your M.Tech with a renowned institution and later with the qualification of M.Tech, you may get an appointment in a Government - engineering college. In that way, you can widen your prospects of growth.

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