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    Query about combined Graduation and Diploma

    Have a query about doing a combined degree and diploma? Wondering if a IGNOU degree and a regular diploma can be studied together? Read answers on this page and resolve your query.

    I am from West Bengal and this year I have joined IGNOU fro graduation. Then I want to join join a regular paramedical diploma in West Bengal. Is that possible together or legal?
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  • I think you can join. I know people who are doing two courses simultaneously. But when you apply for full time diploma course you can mention in the application about the part time course in IGNOU. There are people who has done diploma full time in technical course and simultaneously degree in arts as a private student from a recognised university. You can apply and join. But don't hide the facts. Mention in the application somewhere about your IGNOU course.

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  • The present UGC guidelines are silent about the pursuit of a certificate/diploma course alongside a degree programme. However, pursuing two degree courses are allowed by UGC since 2013. Please see the link given below:-

    As there is no clear-cut instruction on pursuing a degree and a diploma simultaneously, I would advise you to contact UGC Eastern Regional Office in Kolkata ( Telephone No. 033-23354767) for detailed clarification.

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  • Yes you can join a diploma course with a degree course. You can not do two degree courses simultaneously but you can do any diploma course with a degree course. So without any hesitation you can join a degree and a diploma course.

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  • Yes this is definitely possible. You can get one distance education degree or diploma. And you can at the same time get the regular degree and diploma. As you can see that it'd not be harder to even get more than 1 distance education degrees. But you have to check out how many degrees from same distance education university is possible. I have seen that some students are doing one Symbiosis degree , 1 IGNOU and 1 regular course. So this is definitely possible. You have to just check out what may or may not work out on that part. You will only face problem for the two degree courses from same university.

  • There should not be any problem in this except that the examination dates should not clash.
    In analogy many people in job are also doing correspondece courses from IGNOU and taking leave during exams.
    I think this is a possible combination and one can pursue the two courses simultaneously.

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