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    Which is the best choice among B Pharmacy and MSc Nursing

    Confused between B Pharm and MSc Nursing? Searching for comparison and scopes of both programs? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I am from J and K and have passed my 12th class examination with 72% result. Now I want to take admission. I am confused about what should I do : B Pharmacy or BSc Nursing.
    Can you tell me which one is the best and has great scope in future?
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  • B. Pharmacy or B.Sc Nursing. Both the courses are good. But B.Pharmacy has more varied job chances whereas B.Sc Nursing is specialised field. What is your interest. Nursing is more like a service activity of taking care of diseased people and do the required nursing to bring them back to the normal routine life. Even Though they are paid jobs unless otherwise you take them as a service activity you can't do a good job there.
    If you go for B.Pharm, you will have more idea about bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, their use, their preparation and chemistry of those items. This will give you a chance to work as production chemist or QC Chemist in bulk drugs and formulations manufacturing both in public as well as private sector. You can also work as medical representative in companies to sell their products. Once if you complete your M.Pharm also you will have chances of lecturer post also.Even you can open a medical shop with your certificate.
    So I have narrated the areas where you can excel as a nurse or as a Pharmacist. Now you select course which will be of more interesting to you. If I have to take a call I will opt for . B.Pharm

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  • Nowadays more and more opportunities are available for the Nursing students not only in India but also throughout the world. The pay scale of the Government nurses are very good and the nurses have well-defined promotional avenues. It can be easily surmised that with the improvement in healthcare and consequent opening of new hospitals, the job prospect of the nurses is excellent. Many Indian nurses also go to other countries and work in those foreign countries.

    So far as male nurses are concerned, the avenues before them are good. Male nurses are specifically required in psychiatric asylums. Further, many male patients may not feel comfortable with female nurses. So, they prefer male nurses. Contrary to popular belief, male nurses are required in many hospitals all over the world. In Government hospitals, there is no discrimination against male nurses.

    On the other hand, B. Pharm. students work as pharmacists, medical representatives and in the drug industry. The job opportunities are presently good, but in my opinion, not as good as the opportunities available for nurses. In Government, the pharmacists get less pay than nurses and their promotional avenues are limited (only two categories of pharmacists in Government, viz., Junior Pharmacist and Senior Pharmacist).

    However, final decision regarding chosing any of these two professions should be taken on the basis of personal interest.

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