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    Father name spell mistake in certificates with my id proofs

    Having a spelling mistake in certificates? Worried about getting a central government job? Here, on this page you can read answers from experts and resolve your queries.

    My father's name in degree certificate tally with that in my other id proofs.
    Is there any problem to gt a central government job? My caste in OBC is kurumba but in transfer certificate it is mentioned wrongly.
    Will it create any problem?
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  • As you have mentioned that your father's name is same in your degree certificate and id proof documents, then there should not be any problem in that regard.
    But mentioning of different caste may create problem in future. As per my knowledge, the Transfer certificate is not required to enclose anywhere for job but it will be good if you get it corrected.
    You can submit the application in institute's administrative office at your place for the same and request for the corrected one.


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  • If your father's name is correct you need not worry. Do you have a caste certificate where in your caste is mentioned properly. If you have this caste certificate, you need not worry about the transfer certificate. TC is not a standard document to decide your caste. Caste certificate is the authorised certificate for determining your caste. Get it properly.
    You can approach the academic authorities of your institution with an application attaching a copy of your caste certificate for correction on your TC. It can be done very fast. If there is any spelling mistake in father's name on TC also you can follow the same course and get it changed.

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