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    How to submit photos and images on Instagram?

    Want to upload photos and images on instragram? Looking out for the detailed procedure to be followed by a new user? Here, on this page you can find advice from experts.

    After opening an account at Instagram, how exactly do you submit something there? On opening the account, some message related to an app appears. Does this mean that one can upload photos, images and videos at Instagram only via a smartphone app and not via a desktop or a laptop?

    Can you clarify this and if an app is required, let me know how to proceed further to submit an image there?
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  • Yes Instagram is app only network. Here you're not allowed to schedule posts(but you can save them as draft). You can't post through desktop (laptop) interface. You can't even do anything from desktop other than changing details on profile and password. Entire working is through the app.

    In case of app if you wish to post content such as image and videos, follow the steps below.

    1. Open Instagram app.
    2. Look at the bottom center button for taking the image or importing images from your phone gallery.
    3. In next step Instagram would ask you to make use of the effects or filters.
    4. After choosing that in that step, you can click on share.
    5. At the last share confirmation page, you'd be able to write caption for the photo or video.
    6. Finally the app will share the content and your timeline inside the app will show the updated image.

    That's it. Now you just shared the image on Instagram.

  • Please follow the following steps for submitting photos and images on instagram.

    Go to google app store and install instagram app on your mobile smartphone from the store.
    Open your app on your device.
    Tap on the camera image on the bottom of the app.
    Select a photo or image from your gallery. Alternatively you can take a photo by using this camera if you feel so.
    If you feel that the photo is not to your satisfaction and if you want to edit it you can do that.
    If you are interested in giving any citation to that picture you can do that.
    You add some hashtags to make it more visible.
    Finally click on the right symbol provided on the screen. It completes your task of posting the picture on instagram and visible to all your contacts and friends on instagram.

    always confident

  • Q: Does this mean that one can upload photos, images and videos at Instagram only via a smartphone app and not via a desktop or a laptop?

    A: No, you can use Desktop or Laptop as well to upload the image or photo from Instagram website / URL. Though you can only upload photo and video from Smartphone or Tab which has Instagram app but the Desktop or Laptop also can be used to just uploading the images than video. Please find the steps below;

    How to upload the images in Insta from Laptop or Desktop?
    Login to Insta from your Desktop / Laptop visiting its website
    Press Ctrl+Shift+I
    You will get a part screen (the code at right side and app at left side)
    Right side top, click on a small 'mobile icon' which is before 'Elements' tab.
    Left side, use 'Responsive' option in case if you know to select the device - default must be 'mobile' - leave as it is if it is mobile.
    You can view Insta normally and upload just an image using or double clicking on 'Camera' icon which option available at the bottom of the Insta.

    Q: Can you clarify this and if an app is required, let me know how to proceed further to submit an image there?

    A: If you are willing to upload image from Smartphone then just click on or press on particular image and it will show various 'sharing option' including Gmail or other default apps to share it. In this case, select Insta icon to share it. Yes, you can adjust, resize or change the color and setting etc. beside writing some words while uploading it. You can do it the same from the folder of the Photo Album too.

    If you are willing to upload photos from the Desktop or Laptop then just follow the steps given above and the computer folders will open upon clicking on the 'camera icon', so, proceed accordingly to upload the image.

  • For posting a picture or photo, You should use the Instagram app in your smart phone. For that you should go to the play store of your smart phone and download the same.

    As far as uploading of photos in Instagram is concerned, You will have to follow the following procedure. Which has been given below:

    1. First open your app in smart phone.
    2. You will see at the bottom in center one sign as like "+"
    3. Press the same
    4. Then you will be asked for photo uploading from your gallery or from your picture library.
    5. Choose photo or picture
    6. after that click on it, It will ask from you about editing
    7. If you want not editing, Press again do click on Next
    8. After that you will see your picture or photo would have been uploaded successfully.

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