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    How to use the second space feature in a smart phone?

    Have a query about smartphones features? Want to know more about the second space feature? Here, on this page you will get an idea about how to use this feature effectively.

    Having purchased a mobile phone just a year ago, I am still discovering new features and trying to understand how to use them. I came across something called second space when a message popped up on the screen and when I clicked on it, an icon of it appeared on the home screen.

    My query:
    Is it a back-up for already stored data, photos, etc
    Is it that only when I switch to it, then, from that point on, fresh data, photos, etc will get stored there?

    Also, if I switch back, then what happens to all that is there in the second space storage?

    Can you clear my doubts and also explain how to use this second space effectively?
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  • Second space is one of the features on some of the smart phones. This is a feature makes you to have two separated systems and settings in a single phone. What I understand from this is having only one phone physically but virtually having two smartphones.
    How to enable this system and how to use this feature varies from phone to phone. Generally these details will be available in the literature given with the smartphone when we have purchased. We have to enable it as per the procedure given there.

    always confident

  • Think of second space as another room inside your house. Both room looks the same but one is empty and another is default. So you add elements in empty room and use it. Most of the people make use of the second space to protect their data.

    Here's how you can use the second space feature.

    1. Go to Settings icon inside your phone.
    2. Go to second space option at the bottom in "system and device".
    3. Tap on "set" button.
    4. Set the password for the second space.
    5. You can import apps, images, files into second space.
    6. Tap on done for finishing the action.

    After you are finished with the setup. You can access the second space from the notification options. Swipe down the notifications. And then tap on second space option. Confirm password and access the second space as you normally access the device.

  • Using the Second space in the mobile is just like using the computer or the laptop with a different user login. You get to use the smart phone with two logins. You also get to organize and separate your personal and professional messages this way. The second space is also managed to keep it away from regular intruders and peeping friends. The settings, photos, messages of the first space remains intact right where you had stored them and you can access them whenever you switch over to it again.

  • Second space feature is a new specification added to some latest smartphone to provide you more security and privacy. Second space features allow you to have two smart phone inside a single device. It has been introduced mainly to safeguard the privacy of users from peeping toms. When you switch on to second space, all your photos and media files are not shown. Even it won't display apps which are not pre-installed. Although some common features like calls and messaging with some other inbuilt apps are available but your personal data are no more accessible. To switch on to second space you will have to look for it in setting options. Different phones have different method to approach to that particular switching . You have not specified your handset model so I can't exactly tell you how to switch second space in your device.

    I have Redmi handset and it also have second space feature. So, I am telling you how I switch second space in my phone.

    It's very simple in Mi devices.
    Simply open 'setting' and then under 'system and device' you can see the option of second space. When you will tap this option, a new page will open with option 'Go to second space' at the bottom. When you will tap on this option your phone will switch into second space mode.

    To return back to primary mode, there is a option of 'switch' on the home screen. When you will tap this option it will ask you to enter your password or if there is finger print scanner then you will have to scan your finger on the scanner pad and then it will return back to primary mode.

    Hope this will be helpful.


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