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    How can we use one mobile net pack internet on laptop?

    Want to use netpack of mobile on laptop? Ever wondered if this is possible and how? You can read the responses from experts here and find resolution to your query.

    How can we use one mobile net pack internet on laptop? Means If I have one mobile which is of Airtel and I am using 349 Rs. Scheme for 1 GB data daily and if I start internet on mobile using netpack then can I use or connect other mobile or laptop for internet sharing?

    If its possible the what are the steps?If its wifi then its easy to connect that I know.
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  • There are two ways through which you can use the mobile internet in a laptop.
    1. USB Tethering
    For Android OS:
    For this method, you would need a USB cable which connects your mobile and laptop ports. Once you have connected the cable in your laptop, in your mobile go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More (or Connections) > Tethering and portable hotspot(or Tethering and Mobile hotspot). Now, turn USB Tethering to ON. Your laptop should show a wired connection symbol now on the bottom right of your computer. That means your laptop is now connected to the internet.
    For iOS(Apple phones):
    Connect the USB cable from your mobile to the laptop. After connecting the cable with your laptop, in your mobile go to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Now, turn the OFF button to ON by moving its position to right side. Post this, your laptop should recognize this as a wired internet connection.

    2. Wi-Fi Tethering
    For Android OS:
    For connecting through Wi-Fi, you need to configure the Mobile hotspot for which the steps are given below. In your mobile go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More (or Connections) > Tethering and portable hotspot(or Tethering and Mobile hotspot). Here click on "Set up Mobile Hotspot" ( in some cases its Mobile Hotspot > Configure Mobile Hotspot ). Fill in the below details in your phone.
    Network name - This will be displayed on the laptop for connection identification
    Security - Select WPA2 option.
    Password - Password to login to this connection
    And then finally Save these settings. Now turn ON the "Portable Wi-fi hotspot" option. Now after few seconds, click on the Wi-Fi icon in your laptop. It will show the name of the network setup which you have done sometime back. Click on it and give connect. It will ask for password so enter the password you have set and click connect again. Your laptop should have now got conneted to your mobile internet through Wi-Fi.
    For iOS(Apple phones):
    For connecting your iPhone to your laptop through Wi-Fi hotspot, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and turn the position to ON. You would also need to tap on "Wi-Fi password" option to set the password for your connection. Once done, check your laptop's Wi-fi icon and you should be able to see your Wi-Fi hotspot. Click on it, provide the password and connect to the internet. Please make sure your turn on the Wi-Fi in your laptop before doing WI-Fi Tethering.

    There are few advantages and disadvantages of using mobile hotspot. Please note when you are using USB tethering, if you get any call your connection will be interrupted. You should also ensure that the cable is proper and able to connect to the ports without any loose contact. Otherwise for every moment the connection will be lost and you will have to reconnect in both the above cases which is something we don't want to do. On the other hand, while using Wi-fi tethering, your mobile phone battery will dry out faster. You may keep you mobile in charging position and continue to use the hotspot. Make sure other than you no one else is using your connection. Hope this helps.


  • This phenomena is known as tethering. Tethering is the most known feature in the world.This can be done by using USB, bluetooth or wifi. The methods differ from phone to phone. Generally how we can do it will be given the operating literature provided by the smartphone manufacturer.
    I will try to explain you how you can do it with a USB.
    USB cable of your phone will be supplied to you along with your phone. Connect the smaller pin of this cable to your phone charging port. The other end you connect to your laptop . Go to setting of your phone. Then tap on more. Another window will open . you will find Tethering & portable hot spot and put it on. Your laptop should show a wired connection symbol at the bottom right Then your laptop internet will start working.
    I hope it is clear to you.

    always confident

  • As you already knew to connect the net from Smartphone to Laptop / Computer / Tab using WiFi, the other options are like Bluetooth which is slow connectivity and the next one is Tethering by Cable or USB or without Cable (for some) which is better speed.

    So far, these three ways to connect the net with other gadgets and the rest might come in the future aside cable connection for the net.

  • I think enabling hotspot is also one facility to get connection to other mobile but I did not used that. Someone can give light on this better way.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • There are limited methods to share your smartphone's internet with other laptops/pc or other mobile phones.

    If you want to get connected to a laptop or PC then you will just need a data cable. This method is known as USB tethering. In this method first you connect your PC with smartphone via USB or data cable then a confirmation dialogue appear which convey successful connection. Now open your smartphone's setting and search for USB tethering in the list given.
    If you succeed in getting this then switch on this service and after successful connection you will observe that you are connected to the internet.

    Another method involves a method of Wi-Fi tethering which is only possible between laptop and smartphone or 2 smartphones. In this you have to enable your phones Wi-Fi hot-spot by configuring it's password and name. This can be done by opening the phone's hot-spot setting and renaming it's name and password. On doing this just open your laptop or other phones Wi-Fi and connect to the server with your configured hot-spot name. By doing this you can browse the net by smartphone having data balance.

    Another way to create a server is by Bluetooth tethering but this is very rare method as not all phones support it. In this you have to switch on your both phones Bluetooth and then search for visible devices. Then pair both the devices and allow all the terms asked in between. Now switch on your smartphone's net and allow the other phone to connect to internet in the option provided in Bluetooth settings. Once completed then you can easily access the net.

    There are several applications also which does help you to connect to your phones net. These work on the same principle of Wi-Fi hot-spot and there is no additional features.

    This all process works well but you have to keep a check that wether your gadgets support them or not.

  • In PC, Windows 8 or 8.1 Operating Systems in always a wifi network drive software and Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate Operating Systems to install in Desktop and addition to hard drive to Wi-Fi Receiver 300 Mbps, 2.4 GHz, USB 2.0 Wireless Mini Wi-Fi Network Adapter to use it.

    In Android Mobile to use in any Network of Net Packing to connect the laptop in wifi adapter to work in Internet.

    Firstly, you install a wifi adapter hard drive software and USB portable to insert the wifi adapter. In mobile, switch on the mobile network option and select the network and use in hotspot option. Hotspot to ping the mobile network and WiFi Adapter to connect the Internet.

    Wireless adapter to buy in Amazon, Filpkart, Snap deals, and any other marketing websites and other stores to get the Wi-Fi and to use the internet of PC and in Mobile Hotspot.

  • You have multiple methods to connect to the internet from laptop.

    1. Use USB Dongle : In this method you just have to use the SIM inside the dongle. And then by connecting the dongle it'll connect to internet automatically using the dialer option which includes the username and password of the telecom. And this dongle can be purchased from that telecom operators showroom. e.g. Airtel, vodafone etc.

    2. Mobile Hotspot - Depending on the type of phone you have you can set up the mobile hotspot and connect the internet using the Wifi spot. This is something can be done if you have 3G and 4g.

    3. Mobile USB tethering - In this method you have to connect the device to the computer or the laptop. And that way you can easily connect to internet. Though speed would be less comapred to other methods. Some phone manufacturers like Sony, Mi, Samsung have the PC suite that allows you to setup the connection this way. In such case you can get connection.

    As you can see one of the three methods can be usable for you to connect to internet.

  • The different methods for making a mobile as hotspot and using its connection in laptop via wi-fi or via USB have been described in good and elaborate ways by our fellow members.

    Now I want to add a few points -

    1. In old laptops you have to additionally on a switch for this arrangement. This slider switch is either on the left side of front edge or somwhere on left edge of laptop.

    2. When you are using netpack data in your laptop through this arrangement your data uses will be much more than what you were incurring in mobile. This is an important point from expenditure aspect.

    3. Depending on mobile there may be subtle variations in setting but that will be no issue once you are aware of the general procedure.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The internet connection sharing slows down your both connection speed if using both in mobile and laptops. When you turn the personal hot-spot ON, you have to make sure the Data connection is also set to ON. This process slows down your internet speed. However there are two methods that will certainly help to improve which are tabulated below.

    1. Connection from Mobile Personal Hotspot: The procedure to open the sharing option is to navigate to settings> Wi-Fi> Personal hotspot>

    Setting up an open network is less secure so you need to encrypt it with a password to protect from leaking your data. There must be eight characters be it a number, digit or alpha-numeric.

    Once you have open the hot-spot, you need to open the connection settings and under data connection, set it to ON. You can surf the web from your laptop or other mobiles by connecting to the correct hot-spot Address and inputting correct password.

    Another issue is that there is no option for Wi-Fi connectivity in Windows 7 OS. One may need to install the updates and configure the settings manually. This process includes editing the Connectivity Adrea's and configuration and is for advanced users only.

    2. If you have Win 7, then switch to Wi-Fi data or modem card. This is more convenient and one can get it at cheaper price.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Hi Dear ,
    There are various ways by which you can use your mobile internet pack on laptop. Some of them are listed out below , have a look on them .

    • Mobile Hotspot

    • Usb Tethering

    • Modem / Dongal

    That's it.

  • Of course you can use your internet on other laptops and smartphone. To do this your phone should have option of Hotspot and USB Tethering.
    To connect your phone to laptop for internet sharing, you have mainly three methods as far as I know.

    First and best method is switching on Hotspot in your mobile phone and then connecting it to your laptop through Wi-Fi option. This is perhaps the best and easiest method.

    Second method is through USB tethering. This method is not bad if you want to connect your laptop for internet uses for short time. But in the long run, this method will prove harmful for your handset. Because the moment you connect your phone through USB to your laptop, your phone start getting charge. This will affect the battery life of both laptop and smartphone because your phone does not charge through a standard charger which has been optimized for it. So, you better avoid this method if you are going to share your internet for longer duration.

    Third method is through Bluetooth tethering. Switch on the Bluetooth of your laptop and smartphone then pair both of them. After that you can connect your laptop for internet sharing.

    To share your internet on other smartphone, Hotspot is the only option. Your option should have Hotspot tethering option while other phone should have Wi-Fi as connectivity option. If both the smartphone meet this requirement then you can easily share your internet and use it on other smartphone with great ease.

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