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    Which is the better option between Sericulture and Chemistry Honors?

    Confused about selecting between Sericulture and Chemistry Honors? Get expert advice on the better option for your future career path.

    I'm confused whether to choose sericulture or go for a Chemistry (Hons.) program. Please guide me.
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    Shiney warm welcome to this site and I can understand your confusion. But every student like you must have the far sight vision as to which course must be studied and pursued and for that initial planning is necessary to reach the goal. At the Intermediate or plus to level itself you must have decided what to do.. Your interest on which subject and ease with a particular subject can only take you to that career. You cannot be influenced to take this course or that course, just because others are also pursuing the same. Consult your parents, consult your inner voice and take appropriate decision.

    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If this question can be shifted to ask expert section then it can be answered by ISC question-answer experts in a detailed way.

    I request concerned editors to look into shifting of this to ask expert section.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I also feel this question should get shifted to Ask experts section. Once is transferred there the concerned will give their suggestions to the question. I hope Editors will look into it and take action as deemed fit.

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  • Sericulture or chemistry. Sericulture is a specialised subject whereas chemistry is a very common and very vast subject. Generally chemistry is very useful and very good prospects are existing . Sericulture is a specialised subject having a limited opportunities. So you have to make a selection basing on your interest. If you select sericulture and excel in that science you may grab the available chance. But if you are one among the lot, it is difficult to get a good job and further prospectus also will be difficult
    If you are interested in Chemistry honors you can choose that subject. Many chances are there for a chemistry post graduate. You can refer the articles section and in that my article on Job Opportunities for a M.Sc chemistry person. That will give you a very good idea about the prospects you have as a chemist.
    Now it is your turn to select. If I have to make a selection, definitely I will opt for Chemistry hons.

    always confident

  • Sericulture is a subject which deals with production of silk. It is more related to Commercial Biology rather than Chemistry, although Chemistry is required to be studied by Sericulture students. It is very specialised and consequently job opportunity is very limited. The job opportunities for Sericulture students are confined to only one industry.

    On the other hand, a student of Chemistry can later shift to various sub-specialitites as per his/her inclination. The job opportunities are also much more and diversfied. As Chemistry is taught in school-level, Chemistry students also get many opportunities of teaching the subject at different levels.

    However, final decision regarding study depends upon the inclination/interest of a student. If you have no interest in Chemistry, it would not be prudent to go for higher studies in Chemistry.

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  • Sericulture is a specialised subject and from job point of view there are not many oppotunities except in some limited Govt botanical or entomological departments and few business houses.

    Chemistry is everywhere right from teaching job to top positions in various industries. There is definitely more career options in chemistry.

    Now you have to see that if you choose chemistry what are the options for you. One basic option is various competitive exams by different agencies for executive posts like giant PSUs - Coal India, NTPC, ONGC, GAIL, BPCL, IOC etc where there is a continuous need of chemists. In Govt sector you can try for various exams like NET for lecturer post. So there are plethora of opportunities.

    Anyway see your aptitude and take a decision accordingly.

    Knowledge is power.

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