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    Earning from Hindi writing- Short Story and long story

    Want to know the sites which are offering the opportunities of getting paid for Hindi short and long stories? Know here all about it.

    Hello Friends,

    I want to know about the sites which are paid for Hindi Short Stories as well as Hindi Long Stories and for Hindi Shayri, Gazal, Kawwalis.

    If anybody want to make career in this field then what should he do for making the career in this field.
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  • Very good query by the author. You can write you articles in many sites. but before you write any thing Please keep in mind some points like
    1) Never post copied contents.
    2) Let your story be with correct grammar.
    3) Don't write to lengthy stories which may bore the readers.
    There are some sites where you can write your story and post
    1) Google ad-sense
    3) In this site they hire you to write and they give you topic to write. In this site you cannot post your own article or shayari.
    All the above sites allows you to write your own story and post accept

  • Thanku So much for your valuable Suggestion

  • When you want to make money from the story writing. Make sure that you're not posting those stories without getting paid. Avoid posting stories on sites where they paid on the basis of views to story. That's bad model for making money. Here's what you should do instead. Find out the hindi publication sites. And then ask them if they require any writer. Make sure you have some portfolio like blog or site where they can see your content. You can make use of wordpress or blogger blog. Here keep some samples where you can publish the content. Keep trying until you land some decent publishing site or the agency where they can see your content and approve you. Do some freelancing gigs on or That should get you started.

  • If you are interested in this area then better start laisoning with publication houses which are publishing hindi magazines/ hindi story magzines like Sarita, Kadambini etc.

    You can submit your work in their sites. Please remember there are many people in this area and there is a tough competition and one has to put originality and novel ideas in his work.

    Anyway to start with you can submit your entries in various sites / blog sites which is already well elaborated by the other members in above replies.

    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are many websites where they are publishing the various requirements for content writers. The topic on which you have to write will be told. How much they pay will be intimated to you. How quick they want the writing they will inform you. I know one website like that . The site is You can open an account in this site as a content writer. Everyday new postings will be coming. You have go through those requirements. There are people who are asking for writing in Hindi also. You try that site. It may be very helpful to you. Regularly open the site and see the latest announcements and posts. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Register with Indeed. com, prepare a portfolio blog with sample short and long stories of Hindi and complete your profile at indeed. One might hired by clients if they find you in line with their requirements.

    Those who tells the stories rule societies. It is always good to post short stories with LOCKED read more link in your blog. You can try Blogger but recommended is Weebly since it has the feature to set a password at your site to access premium features like read more and also put limitation of access to one's content.

    Another good site is Fivver. I personally love Fivver because you decide your pay. The clients decide the work, types of projects. As you a freelancer, you decide the minimum working days to complete the projects be it writing, designing or developing a software program. The best part is you decide what is your pay.

    At Fivver, you can post a task or give an introduction about something that you're professional and capable of. Considering the words of your article or stories and depending on the quality and organic of your contents, you may charge from $100 to $500 for every quality Hindi stories.

    Another one is publishing your stories in Books. I don't have much idea about this but you may dig the info using search using Bing not Google. This option is best because a story writer can generate a lifetime revenue shares from his or her single story. You can contact someone else who has been publishing stories in Books and he will guide you to get started

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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