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    Permissions required to construct a club house

    Interested in building a club house? Want to know about the permissions needed and the procedure? Find advice from experts here.

    I need to know what all permissions are required to construct an club house in India and also in the state of Andhra Pradesh? Can you give me details of those concerned departments that I need to go to and interact with?
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  • First of all you have to get your club registered. You should get the GST registration. If you have already registered the club and in the operation then you might have got the registration and all required permissions.
    Now for construction of club you have to obtain permission from the municipal authority, District health officer and electricity board. Get the drawings of the building made by a competent draftsman who is well versed with all the requirements for a commercial place. Once the drawings are made you have to get the permission of municipal authorities and District health officer. You can apply through District Industries center. They will send the forms to all concerned. To get more detailed guidance you have to approach District Industries Centre. They will give you all required in puts and guide you properly.

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  • As per your query I will assist you as I know about construction in Bangalore.
    1) As your constructing for public access, first and foremost contact an advocate for legal procedure's and it will avoid injury and to your contractual rights.
    2)To get permission to construct a club house you must approach the panchayat office to get an general license which can used by the residents of that layout. Later to renew the license we have to pay nominal tax every year.
    3)We must submit construction plan and get approved by the authorities. Once the plan is approved your most work is done.

  • Club is a commercial establishment. As you are now going to construct a club house I assume that you have got a land plot where you want to construct a club house.

    Now you have to get the drawing of the proposed club house by a architect and see that building distance from adjacent roads etc is as per the standard regulation in the matter. These details you can get from local information office or municipilaty as there may be little variation from place to place. Being a commercial establishment you have to include features in your drawing which are needed for security and safety of its members or workers.

    The club house plan along with all the details is to be submitted in the concerned office in either the municipilaty or authorised authority who is generally of SDM level in the district collectorate office. They may ask you to take certain clearances from local health, pollution and electricity departments for no objection certificates.

    Once the plan and drawing are approved you can start the construction.

    As you have only asked for construction part I assume that you have already thought over for getting the registration of said club house, it's name, it's board of management and brief of its business activities in commercial establishment registrar office or other concerned Govt office in state Govt.

    When you are planning to run a commercial establishment you have also to register for GST.

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